A sleepless night!

Travis and I had our first attempt at a sleepness night with a newborn last night. We had our student and her baby over, to spend some time with them and to give our student a "night off" from middle of the night feedings (see previous blog below for an explanation of situation). We put the baby in our room with us, and we quickly got on her every 2 hour feeding schedule! Amazingly, we made it through the night without any problems or prolonged bouts of crying...we actually kind of enjoyed it. Of course we enjoyed it because we knew it was just for one night! We did discuss what it was going to be like when that was our reality, night after night, and we decided we could understand why sleep deprivation was the number one complaint of new parents. I was so wiped out this morning, it took me most of the day to recover! But, she is one cute baby and we looked at her many times, looking forward to the day when we're dragging through the night with our own.

We have finally had a great Saturday, with nothing scheduled!! I seriously don't remember the last time we had that. We've laid around, watched TV, and been online, waiting for some friends of ours to have their baby! They have an online blog that they've been updating all day, so we're still waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl...exciting! We did watch an excellent movie today that you should rent if you haven't seen was The Queen with Helen Mirren. I didn't expect Travis to agree to watch it, but he did and we both really enjoyed it. It's all about the events surrounding the death of Princess Diana and the royal family's reaction, namely the Queen's. So fascinating to imagine that kind of life. I can't say that I would ever want that. Seems so lonely and empty. But, a great movie!

I am headed to Iowa tomorrow to help my family with the wedding...we're less than a week out now, so the pressure is on! I will try to update as the week unfolds, with some pictures of course for my girlfriends! I can't's going to be a fun week! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! We are!!

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sheltonfamily said...

You all are such servants. I am sure that was a really neat opportunity for you all to bless this young mother. We are no longer on the sleepless night schedule! PTL! Your pics are great. I am sure the wedding was great!