She Likes to Move it, Move it...

We just got home from Tuesday morning Bible study and both Ava and I are now in bed!  Neither of us are sleeping (I can hear Ava playing in her bed) but hopefully in the next few minutes we'll both be out :)   I love Tuesday mornings because they are something for both of us to look forward to!  It's a blessing to  be in a Bible study with lots of women from our Church and I don't take it for granted because for many years I couldn't participate when I was working.  Driving home this afternoon made me grateful for this stage of life I'm in and for the privilege of being home.  It's tiring, challenging and not without sacrifice, but it's very rewarding and I do consider it a privilege.  I can't believe that in just a few more weeks or so, I'll be coming home from Tuesday morning with 2 kids in the back of my car!  How in the world did that happen??  

We are studying the book of John this year and already it's been a blessing to me.  We went through Chapter 1 last week and now we'll start Chapter 2.  By the time the year is over, we will have walked through the whole book, word for word, and that is something that is exciting to me!  The Word is so amazing and full of truth and application that is so relevant to our lives today.  I know that people think it is an old book full of old stories that were relevant "back then" but not today, but that is such a lie from the evil one!  It's incredibly timely and timeless and no matter how many times you read or study it, it comes alive every single time.  It is literally the Word of God, revealing His grace, truth and glory to us.

This past week, I was reminded of the truth that when Christ came to earth, from the Father's side in Heaven, to become flesh and live among us, He was entering human history and fulfilling the very covenant that God had made with his people.  To see the big picture of the Old Testament come alive through the incarnation of Jesus in the New Testament is to catch a glimpse of just how much the Lord loves his creation and went to great lengths to redeem us from the sin we were born into.   The "old way" of offering sacrifices again and again to cleanse oneself from sin, was forever answered in the bloodshed of Jesus on our behalf.  God promised and He delivered.  What a wonderful source of hope for us to cling to!  As I inch closer and closer to the uncertainties of life with 2 kids and wonder how on earth we'll do it,  I can cling to the same God whose Word is as true today as it was 2000 years ago.  I'm excited to see what God will show me in John this year!  I bet I always remember this year, due to the chaos I'm about to experience!!  

I took some funny pictures of Ava on Sunday that I thought you might enjoy!  I am definitely lacking in photos right now because Ava is in a stage in which she will not/can not/does not stay still!!  As Trav's poor Mom found out, it's next to impossible to get this girl to stop for 5 seconds for a picture :) 
Most of my latest pics, are of her on the move... me a great view of her head, her back, or her feet but not necessarily of her little face, which is the best part :) 
The other thing she is completely into is 'talking" on the phone.  She loves to play with an old phone of Trav's or just anything she can hold in her hand or up to her ear.  She walks all over the house, chatting and babbling to herself, complete with gestures and laughter!  It cracks us up and reminds me that she is watching EVERYTHING that I do...uh oh!!
Is this a glimpse into the future or what??
Check out that face!!
"Excuse me Mom, can I get a little privacy???  I'm on the phone!!"  
Texting her peeps or what??
Some conversations are not meant to be shared apparently :) 
Whoops, I thought I could hide behind these plants, in this corner, but Mom caught me!
You might think I don't hear or see everything you do Ava, but I've got news for you...When you were born, God gave me special Mom powers that allow me to know what you're up to, even when you think you're hiding!!  It's a special thing that God does for all Moms and we're not afraid to use it when we need to!
So, you can continue to seek out those small spaces and try to hide from me, but I'll always find you :)  A lesson you'd do well to understand sooner than later!  Moms can find you when you're little, but God can find you when you're little AND when you're big!! 
And if I don't find you quickly enough, Ryley will!!  He's my "insider" who's always ready to find me when he thinks you're in trouble!  Right now we have you outnumbered, but when your brother comes to join the mix, we're going to have to step up our patrol!!  That's when the special "Mom powers" will come in handy :) 

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, fall afternoon!  It's a gorgeous day in Minnesota and I'm about to enjoy it with a big nap.  We've got a soccer game to go to this afternoon, so this is my chance to rest and I'm going to take it.  Have a wonderful day!!  

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Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that beautiful little one! I'm in love with her pink shoes! :)

Love the hug with her fur-brother :)