The Week That Flew By!

I'm having a hard time wondering where this week went??  Wasn't it just Father's Day like 15 min ago??  It was a busy week because it was VBS week at our Church!  I love VBS week.  Didn't love it so much growing up, but really love it at our Church :)  I worked at the Registration table, which is right up my type-A alley!  We help kids get in the right classrooms and then keep track of all the stats everyday...attendance, visitors, contest points and offering.  Sounds silly I know, but when you have 1,000 kids and they give $5,900.00 all week, we are busy!  It's so fun though, I love catching up with my friends at the table and watching all those cute kiddos run around the Church. 
The best part is that my kiddos also get to participate in the early childhood program, which is hilarious and wonderful!  They both came home with crafts (ha ha) and had so much fun each day with their little friends.
Carter was wonderful this week, he charmed the sweet older ladies who took care of him and everyday they would give me the play by play of his morning.  So thoughtful, they were very serious about it!  They got the biggest kick out of him because he'd be so tired (typically he naps every morning) but he was so determined not to miss anything that he just wouldn't give in to a nap.  He'd drop his head and his eyelids but then would startle himself and start playing again :) I was not complaining because each day when we've come home, he's been so exhausted that he's taken a 3 hour nap!  Yay for VBS!!
Of course today was the last day and it was dress up day.  We had a western theme all week, but honestly I kind of forgot about it everyday.  It was enough work just to get us all out the door every morning!  At some point, I also decided why set myself up for going all out when they don't care and we've got yearrrrrrrsssss of this to go??  I did manage to pull something together for them today, but it was pretty lame :) As you can see, the idea of taking their picture together was more successful than the actual execution of that!
Ava did great this week too.  She had some ups and downs that mostly come with being 2 :) Somedays we had tears, most of the time she just had a blast.  She talked about "Bible school" all day and night, and all of her friends she got to play with, but then I'd go to drop her off and she'd burst into tears.  Lots of mood swings going on over here!  She had wonderful teachers and they just bent over backwards to keep her happy and entertained.  I think she truly loved this week and I can't wait to watch her excitement about it grow every year.  And thankfully, she has also been exhausted each day and has napped like a champ too. 
Now, on an unrelated note, we had a *moment* last night while we were looking back at Ava's monthly update when she was the same age as Carter.  I've been thinking lately that I needed to start giving Carter some table food soon, but since he has no teeth yet and honestly, because he's the 2nd and I often forget about it, we've not made a lot of progress there.  Well, imagine my horror last night when I realized that Ava at this age was already eating: ham, turkey, cheese, grapes, melons, cheerios, puffs, and the list goes on and on!  Poor Carty.  In the words of Travis, "We are really horrible parents!" 
So, in a guilt-driven panic, I pulled out some rice krispies for him this morning and as you can see, he was more than thrilled about it!  Don't you love this??  He was beside himself with joy at breakfast.
He couldn't shove it in fast enough :)
So, it's off to the store for Carty and his new dietary needs!
Finally, here are a few pics from Father's Day.  We had a simple, low key day.
Both kids were so sweet all day, it was just the quiet family day we needed before the storm of this week!
Happy Father's Day Trav! 
I have no idea where this week went, but there is no rest for the weary...We leave in 2 days for a week away at Junior High camp with Trav!  We're all going and it should be tons of fun.  But I have so much work to do, I'm getting a massive headache just thinking about!  The laundry, the packing, the errands...oh my!
Back to back weeks like this are exhausting but it sure makes summer fun!!

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