Christmas 2011- Part 1

You're going to have to forgive me today.  I've got several things working against me.  I'm typing with 2 fingers that are out of commision on my right hand (after I accidently cut them deeply this afternoon) and while I was uploading pictures to show you, they posted in an order that makes no sense.  SO it's not great, but I'm going to go with it anyway and get these up before Valentine's Day :) Here are some pictures of our Christmas vacation in Iowa, with my side of the family.  It's the first post of several, so be forewarned now...lots of pictures to come! 
My Christmas boy in his new sweater vest and plaid shirt.  Nothing says "merry christmas" like red and plaid, right??
Last year he was all snuggled up in a blanket and slept most of the day away, but not this year!  He was a busy boy who was happily taking in all the excitement of the day :)
In case you've missed him on the blog, here is my first baby boy, Ryley! 
Our 9th Christmas together.  Hard to believe all those years have come and gone already.  In every way they just get better and better!
Stacie and Jesse
Jennie and Dave
Trav and Stacie??  Whoops, wrong sister :)
My parents
The girls
My Dad and his girls
Our little family
We had a little "Happy Birthday Jesus" dessert party again this year.
I didn't make cookies this year, I enjoyed myself instead and we got some amazing cupcakes from Scratch Bakery.  Such a GOOD decision!
Travis attempted to read the Christmas story to the kids and while it appears that Carter is intently listening, he's really just trying to get his hands on the book so he can throw it!  Ha ha!  Not our year for attentive listening :)
But they were all about the singing...
...and the eating. 
Either way, I think the Lord was able to receive some praise from these little people and from all the big people too!  I'm looking forward to this tradition unfolding over the years and remembering these funny "little" years.
We had two happy kids who got spoiled by their aunts, uncles and grandparents!
Ava's big present of the year was her "Loving Family Grand Dollhouse"
She was mesmorized by it and had the best time playing with her "flammee" all day long.  It was a big hit, I know she'll love playing with it for a long time to come!
Carter loved his gifts too, but mostly he just loved running around the house and being with everyone who loves him!
We all loved watching the kids open their gifts with our coffee in hand, who needs entertainment when you've got kids??
The Knappsters, all snuggled in :)
Carter loved Uncle Jesse's lap... between opening more gifts!
Ava loves those "Snowmen at Night" books and she was happy to add another to her collection!  Although I do have to tell you this funny story...She's been asking to read this book almost every night before bed but there have been several nights that she's woken up crying in the middle of the night and when we ask her what's wrong, she tells us she's scared of the snowmen!  Ha ha!  Might have to stop reading about these "scary" snowmen!!
This is how these two sat and opened most of their presents!  Back to back :)
Don't you love their new stockings??  They were a gift from Travis and I, but I also stuffed them with little presents to open too :)
Our annual "Christmas morning in our jammies" picture!
One of the highlights of Ava's vacation was doing "projects" with Stacie.  She brought some of her leftover preschool crafts home to do with Ava and it was a HUGE hit!  She loved it!
Working hard on her reindeer!
She loved the projects so much that she recently prayed at dinner and thanked God for Stacie and the projects!!  So cute :)
Looking for the snow on Christmas morning...that never came.  Kind of a bummer, but what are you going to do??
Merry Christmas from the Armstrongs!!

After Stacie and Jesse flew in to MSP, we all drove down together to Iowa and stopped at Jennie and Dave's house on the way!  Happy to be "off" and together for the holidays.
The kids LOVED being with their aunts and uncles too!
We are so thankful to have Stace and Jesse back in the midwest where they belong :)
Jen, the hostess with the mostest!
My favorite women ever!
For those of us who have left the great state of Iowa, I think we could all agree, it's SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!! 

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What a great time with your family!