Let's Chat, Q&A Style!

I'm feeling all kinds of tech savvy this morning!  I've been wanting to update my comments form for some time now and this morning I finally got around to it!  I imported the Disqus Widget so that I can connect with you in a much better format.  Now, when you leave me a comment, I can comment on your comment and we can have an actual conversation!  Ha ha, somehow that didn't sound quite as personal as I was hoping it would :)

The biggest reason I wanted to change things up is that so many of you leave me the kindest thoughts or ask me a question or something and unless you are a blogger too with a blog address or email, it's often hard or impossible to respond directly to you.  Or I just get busy and never get around to looking you up...(insert an apology here).  But now, this new format will help me be able to quickly and easily follow up with you.  I hope you like it as much as I think I'm going to!  I do apologize that you'll probably have to get used to it the first few times and decide how you want to login, but one reason I like it is that you can login and leave a comment using your facebook or twitter account, so you don't have to create one more user name and password if you don't want to!  But even if you don't have facebook or twitter, you can still comment as "you" :)

Currently, all of the comments have disappeared from my entire blog as they are in the process of being imported into Disqus, so I'm feeling a little lonely this morning!  Do you think we can try this???  Will you drop in and say "hi" so that we can chat a little bit?  It's been awhile since I've done this, but let's do a little Q&A too.  Any questions you'd love to ask me?  Things you've been wondering about??  Leave me a comment and I'll answer the short ones in the new Disqus format and do a post about the deep ones in the next few days.

Ok, so are you ready??  Let's chat, friends!


Jesse and Stacie said...

Here's your first comment :)

Toni :O) said...

Yay, I can leave a comment-the comment area wasn't showing up when I visited last. My question would be: What has been your favorite vacation with Travis so far? Have a great weekend!