Friday Night Fans

I've been spending a lot of my time lately like this...
 ...on the sidelines with this motely crew.  This is my typical set-up.  I pratically have everything but the kitchen sink at most games.  Snacks, drinks, books, chairs, blankets, coats, hats and two little people who are always ready for action :)
We don't have to come.  But because we love this guy, he tends to pull our heartstrings everytime and we go to cheer for his team, to be "with" him and to give our support on the sidelines...although we rarely stay put on the sidelines!  Most of the time I'm chasing one child or the other, but we manage to watch a play here and there and of course we're always ready to cheer when we score a goal.  I wanted to be there especially tonight because it's been a long week.  Our favorite coach has pneumonia (seriously, that makes a round of pneumonia for each one of us this year!) and we lost a game last night that we could have won.  We all needed a happy ending after a week of things not quite going our way! 
It was a beautiful night and the game was at a gorgeous soccer complex.  We had grass and endless amounts of it to run, to jump and to play. 
So naturally, Carter thought he'd sprawl out on the sidewalk :)
And work on his breakdancing skills?
That face!  That kid!
He knew he was making me laugh :)
He is something else! Boy, do we love him :)
Not to mention his older sidekick, Miss Personality.
Can you even stand her in that outfit??
If Carter is my wild card, she is our full house!  She is always pushing the envelope when it comes to my clearly defined boundary lines, or saddling up next to a fan who has a treat she thinks she'd like to try :) She loves to yell, "Go Soufwest!" and "Go Stars!"  She's a mess but she's been really fun to watch the game with.  She loves her Daddy and likes to yell at him from the stands :) 
This little guy mostly likes to snack.

Or run from me!
Don't let this picture fool you.  The amount of time Carter actually spends in that chair is next to none.  I like to think of it as simply a home base that he touches here and there :)
You know, when he needs another snack.
I was hoping the games might get a little easier for me this year...Not sure why I ever thought that!  They are far from "easy" but, they are definitely more fun!
I love these little fans like crazy.
We've had a good time this season and on nights like this one, it's hard to argue with gorgeous weather and several hours of playing outside.  There are lots of things we could do on a Friday night, but going to Daddy's soccer games really seems like a win/win for everyone.
And speaking of winning, that's exactly what we did!  We won!  We woke up at half time and scored 5 goals in the second half to win 5-0.  Not a bad way to end our Friday night!  
I say it every season and I'm saying it again.  Win or lose, we love the coach!  We come for him and we cheer for him.  We had a great end to our week and we went out for pizza to celebrate :)
We are heading in to the tournament play next week but it's been a fun season and I'm glad we've been able to go to most of the games.  Next year I have high hopes that I'll finally be able to sit in my chair and drink my coffee for at least a half, but I think I might still be dreaming a little bit!  Who knows? 
I'm thankful for a happy ending tonight, for some good family time and for a beautiful September night.  This is such a simple season of life and I love it...
Happy weekend, friends! 

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