Sweet, Sweet Home!

On Thursday, Walker and I got the green light to head home if we were ready.  Although our stay was great, I was ready to brave home and to get back in our own space again.  Travis was especially ready for me to give the thumbs up on going home after 3 nights on his pull-out bed! I was up and moving well and Walker was doing great.  He was a champ in the hospital, nursing so well and pooping like there was no tomorrow.  Seriously.  The boy was unreal, making all of us laugh at how often he "eliminated" as the medical world likes to say.  Ha! If he was a girl he'd probably be mortified that I shared that but since he's a boy, I'm sure it will be a detail he'll love hearing about his first week of life!  
 We enjoyed one last slow morning of breakfast being delivered and all the doctors and admin people stopping by to check us out.  
 After Trav and I showered and got ready we got Walker's little outfit ready to go too.
 He was cracking my up because he was clinging to that paci with both hands and sucking so hard his lips kept smacking the pacifier!
No mistaking this little guy for a little girl! 
Two of my favorite guys!
 Oh man I love him!!!
 Third time's a charm!  It feels like we just did this with Ava and Carter. 
When do we get a frequent flyer punch card??
Getting set free by our nurse! Walker and I each had security bracelets that would play a little melody when he got near me.  It was one of the ways to know that he was my baby.  Which does make you feel safe and always made us laugh when we heard it.  
 Getting all snuggled in
He looks pretty big here...
... and not so big here!  
But so, so adorable!!  Look at those little almond eyes and all that dark hair.  What a cutie!!
Ready to blow this popsicle stand with our driver! 

Lucky for us, we got to go home on a gorgeous, July day!  It was about 75 degrees and sunny and Walker and I were anxious to feel some sunshine and fresh air on our faces. 
 This little guy promptly fell asleep and stayed asleep while we got some lunch and went to Target for some essentials.  I'm pretty positive we made the exact same Target stop for both Ava and Carter after we left the hospital too! 
 As Carter always says when we get home from a trip, "Sweet, sweet home!"  
 Welcome to your home, Walker!
Daddy's boy

Just like Carter, when we pulled Walker out of his car seat we discovered that he had a diaper leak at some point during our errand running!  So off came the hospital clothes and out came a new outfit.  We wasted no time getting him dressed and letting him enjoy his swing for the first time. 
 Again this is the third time we've laid a baby in that swing and watched with delight while they slowly faded into sleep.  

Walker napped in here for awhile while Travis and I put some groceries away and began unpacking. 
But after the swing and another round of nursing, we moved on to the vibrating lamb seat to see how he liked that one too.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say he was a fan!
 Is he not the cutest???  Look at that wrinkly forehead! 
 I am loving the sight of another little person around here! 
Especially one that sleeps most of the day away! 
 It was so weird to come home to a quiet house with no kids running around but we are really enjoying this time alone with Walker.  
 This might be Walker's last shot at peace and quiet and we are all enjoying it!
 Well we think Walker's enjoying it...he's a man of few words these days!  
 Be still my heart...that is so much sweetness wrapped up in that little seat!!
 Not only did we get to come home to a quiet house, but we also had some friends drop off a meal for us and some fresh flowers too.  It was so very sweet and a wonderful welcome home! 
Yep, it's good to be "sweet, sweet home!" 

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