As Weekends Should Go

First of all, I should tell you how wonderful it's been to read your comments, emails and facebook messages regarding that last post.  I'm not sure what made me feel better, the fact that I have wonderful friends who love the Lord and are commited to being GREAT Moms OR the like-mindedness that so many of us have regarding the job of raising our kids and protecting their purity and innocence.  It's a lonely calling sometimes and YET, you guys are proof that a remnant still remains!  Remember that the Lord promised there would always be a remnant of His people, no matter what He allowed them to go through, that would stay faithful to Him?  It's not easy to live "outside the norm" or with conviction, and we have to be obedient to what the Lord has impressed on EACH of our hearts, for EACH of kids, in EACH of our families.  If we are obedient to Him and not just people who jump on a bandwagon, He will help us stay faithful. 
Thanks for the encouragement friends. 
This Mom is thankful to have you in my corner.

Moving on...
Oh, what a delightful weekend this has turned out to be :)
On Friday, despite my pleas for Ava to change clothes, her Daddy bundled her up in her jammies (stringy hair and all) and took her to the park to do the one thing she incessantly requests all day, every day. 
Go down the slide!
And because he's a good Daddy, this is how I found him when Carter and I arrived a few minutes later.
Some kids never grow "older" they just get bigger :)
Carter and I came fully dressed and NOT in our jammies....
And we watched this little game of cat and mouse unfold.
Much to the shrieking delight of this little girl!
After we got home, this little guy played...
And this little girl became my "helper" :)
She's grown very interested in watching me decorate cookies and she thought she could help by dipping a toothpick in my glass of water, then touching a cookie I left out for her :)
I can't lie.
It kind of makes me excited that she's interested in this...Someday I'm sure we'll be doing lots of decorating together!
I thought a dear friend who was celebrating her birthday, needed a little dose of sunshine :)
She's a fellow coffee drinker, hence all the cups.
Can't help but throw a few spring flowers in there...
...and polka dots. 
Who doesn't love polka dots??
I really "Heart" her.
And I think she's very sweet :)
They kind of made me want to curl up with a cup of coffee on the couch...
So I did. 
And much to my delight, this little peanut wanted to curl up with me!
Ahhhh, a delightful weekend it's been. 
Just as weekends should go, don't you think?

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Jesse and Stacie said...

Steph, you crack me up with your cookie obsession :) They turn out cute though! I love that Pagey stuck her toothpick in the water too, lol.