Showing Off For Texie

Texie has been at our house for a few days and my kids have pulled out all the stops :)
There has been lots of grinning...
...and for the first time, unassisted sitting!!!
Look at that little cutie, sitting up like a big boy!
Those toys never looked so good, huh buddy?
There was a little panicking when he thought he might fall backwards :(
But as soon as we helped him adjust his balance, he was Mr. Confident again.
Carter, you are adorable.
And speaking of adorable, we took advantage of  the warm streak we had this week and took Miss Hollywood to the park :)
She showed Texie her slide and swing skills....
...and not to be outdone, Carter decided to try out the swing for the first time too!
He loved it!
Thanks for coming to see us Texie!
We loved it :)


Jay, Leslie and William said...

Your kids are sooo beautiful!! I sent an email to your yahoo account just asking your opinion on disciplining little ones. Did you get it? I got the website from your blog, but I might've sent it to the wrong one. Thanks!!

Darla said...

Look at all those smiles! What a ham:) Can you imagine what that cute mouth will soon look like with pearly whites?