Pinning and Dreaming and Pinning Some More.

It's Sunday afternoon and while I hoped to be decorating my house for Fall, both of my kids boycotted their naps and we are instead playing games.  Well, I should clarify.  Travis is playing a game with them while I sit on the couch and play on pinterest.  I think I've earned it after a long week :) Ha ha! 
Anyway, since tomorrow is Monday (and who wants to do a lot of deep thinking on a Monday?) I'm saving a "deep" post for later in the week and instead, I'm sharing some of my recent "pins" from pinterest with you.  Just because I like you. 

If you're not on pinterest yet, maybe this will sway you.  Or not. I totally get not wanting one more thing to manage or keep track of, but for creative minds like mine, this has been such a fun place to get recipes, new ideas, inspiration, or mindless rest after a long day.  I truly love it.  It's creative, it's visual and it's all organized in one place. 
Right. Up. My. Alley.
(Is that how you spell alley?) 

 Here are some of my favorite things lately, in no particular order...
Guacamole bruschetta...ummm, yes please.
Totally want this in my house somewhere...Perfect reminder of what's true when we've given the reigns of control to the One who holds the world in the palm of his hand.
And this is why I'll never lose the baby weight.
Salted Caramel Vanilla Cheesecake.
If it's as tasty as it is beautiful, look out hips...
Insert appropriate age and the truth remains.
Maybe it's because I love words and writing, but things like this make my heart smile.
And give me a little more fuel to end the day well with my precious babies.
I LOVE this.  I will be making a version of this to appear somewhere in my home, if not on our front door.
Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes...
Again with the baby weight.
Not only do I think this is artistic and beautiful, all of it, but I see a sign like this and think I want one in a family room someday.  I want our kids to see this everyday and their friends to remember our house as the one that spoke love to all who entered. 
All of that from one little picture.  See why I love pinterest so much??
Perfect!!  So doing as much of this as possible from now til Thanksgiving.  These are the things memories are made of, right?
 And great pictures.
What is this, might you ask???
Roasted brussel sprouts, bacon and apples.
We made this last week and can I tell you, IT IS AMAZING!!!  And I didn't think I even liked brussel sprouts, but the picture was so pretty it sold me.  I made it at my parents house and we ate it up like candy.  SO incredibly good.  And good for you!  Gonna try and sell my kids on it this week!
Great recipe for homemade pumpkin spice lattes.
My sister made them and they were delicious.  On my agenda this week.
Feel liberated fellow Moms!
Someday, I will have this on a door or a front window. 
So true.
Another great idea here.  An alphabet book of love.  For your man, for your kids, for a friend who is hurting??  Lots of reasons why this would be a good investment of time!
My sister pinned this the other day and it's genius!  I have a thermostat on our wall that has bugged me for years with it's totally odd placement.  Why have I never thought of this????
Again on the agenda this week...Healthy chicken spaghetti with grape tomatoes.  Yum!
I'm so in need of a haircut and color...really thinking this could be my next look??
This is not my year for lots of decorations that little hands can touch, but if it was, I would be making these for my porch.  Or if I had a beautiful front door, 2 to go on either side.  Such a beautiful look!  Mom-this has YOUR front door written all over it!!
And finally, another one of those things I want hanging in our house someday.  Especially when they become teenagers and think they are too cool for us.  Or for each other. 
Then it's really time to preach this list of rules :)

See what you're missing??  I didn't take the time to include all the links, but if you're on pinterest, you can find all these fun things and millions more with the included links that take you directly to the source and tell you how to do these things or where to find them.  But, if it's not your thing, you can just wait until I am brimming with more inspiration and wait for me to post some more pictures. 

Happy Monday friends!  Enjoy :)


Toni :O) said...

Ooooh so many cool things, I don't have time for Pinterest right now but loved all the ideas, especially The Fall Bucket list, hope to do many of those too! I heart your blog, it always makes me happy or makes me think! Have a blessed Monday!

Faith said...

I think your hair would look SO good like that! You should do it!!

Spoonfuls of Grace said...

I recently joined pinterest and have found lots of good ideas too. I have even done a few craft ideas from there and one recipe I tried, with more to try. You inspired me to take pictures of what I created and put them on my blog. I am so glad God has given us creativity.

Brenda and Brantley said...

Thought you would love this as much as I did!