Wow, those holiday weeks really mess with the schedule, don't they??  I can't quite get on board with the days of the week this week, but here we are and it's Wednesday already.  Crazy.

We had a sweet play date this morning and I am trying to get some things ordered and organized for the next few weeks around here.  Ava goes to preschool next week, which seems so wild and out of body for me right now.  To be clear, she is thrilled about it, as are Travis and I.  We know this is good for her and will be such a fun thing.  I would be lying however, if I didn't say that my heart hurts just a little, not so much about her being gone 3 mornings a week, but more about the changing of seasons in our life.  The school years are closer than ever before and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  Conflicted?

Be sure to take in all the goodness of this photo.  The pose, the glitter shoes, the teal bow, the hair comb  brought along for doing Ariel's hair, bathtime Ariel, a princess finding book...
It's almost too much.  Almost.  

Changing gears, I'm so happy to finally be ordering all new flooring for our condo!  We've been talking about this and dreaming about it for awhile, but last night we agreed on all the proposals and materials and are ready to get the install dates on the calendar!  We chose the carpet a few weeks ago and I brought home a tile that we love for the bathrooms, yesterday.  We forced ourselves to labor a little bit on Labor Day and now our painting to-do list is down to 1 bathroom.  We're so close to the finish line I can see it!!  

The lighting in this picture is not great therefore the color representation is not exactly accurate, but you can see our new color on the left and the old color on the right.  In real life we just went a little bit warmer, but I'm guessing the average person who came to my house would never notice the difference.  We went from one neutral to another, but it does feel fresh and clean and ties in all the other color tones in the rest of the house.  

We did the whole entry/living room in an afternoon/evening which was quick but great.  My goal is to finish the kids' bathroom this week and then put the paint cans/supplies away forever!!!  Or at least until we move somewhere and have to paint again... which I can't even imagine right now :) The moving or the painting.  It's all of a lot of work people, a LOT of work!   

Yesterday in the midst of some seriously productive errands I decided to get the kids hair cut on the fly. Ava suggested it actually and amazingly, we were near the Kids Cut place and I decided to just go for it.  Getting a haircut with Carter is a form of torture.  He does not do well but yesterday was one of our better visits.  Still painful, but not life-ending.  

Look at that handsome little guy!  Still a total blondie, just like his Daddy was.  He got a new airplane as a reward for sitting through a haircut.  Probably not my greatest parenting move but sometimes we all have to survive, you know??  

This one is spicy.  He is going to give us a real run for our money by the time he's all grown up!  I'm actually really looking forward to spending some one on one time with Carter when Ava goes to preschool.  We've not had that time together on a regular basis and although I know he's going to miss his big sister like crazy, I hope I'm a good substitute for her absence.  I have no idea how we'll fill our time or what it's even going to feel like with one child again??  It's been so long since I've just had one and even then, I didn't have very long with her before Carter came along.  It's kind of a whole new world for me right now... Lots of changes on our horizon.  

Trav's team won 5-0 last night, which makes for a fun post game evening! 
With all the growing up going on over here, I still love to watch these two run as fast as they can to their Daddy, like little ants on that great big field.  I guess it's always a matter of perspective.  They can seem so big and I can get sad about saying goodbye to the baby/toddler stage but then when I see them around teenagers and young adults, suddenly they don't seem so big anymore!  
And for now I kind of like that perspective :) 

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

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