Weekend Love

Ava and I were all smiles yesterday because the weekend is here! 

It's been a good week in our house but we are ready for a little daddy time and some much appreciated sunshine.  We have a soccer game this afternoon and a list of "things to do" that keeps growing by the minute, which is kind of a bummer for the weekend but also the reality of our life right now.  I have intentionally been holding off showing you some of our renovations around here because I wanted to wait until some big things were done AND I've been trying to figure out the best way to blog about all of it.  I'm happy to *finally* have some news in both areas to tell you!  

We have been waiting and waiting for two big dates to get on our calendar, the first being an installation date for our new tile floors and the second being an installation date for our new carpet!  As things typically go in our life, wouldn't you know that both of them finally got scheduled yesterday and in true form, they are both happening in the next two weeks...You know the next 2 weeks when we have a wedding that Travis is officiating, a wedding that I'm doing flowers for, 5 soccer games between now and then and a quick one-day trip to my parents house.  Not to mention work, church and preschool being thrown in the mix too.  No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we seem to attract chaos like a moth to a flame.  I've been waiting and waiting, twiddling my thumbs and trying to get these dates scheduled much earlier when life truly has been slower, but trying to get contractors to commit is like waiting for paint to dry.  It just happens when it happens and you can't rush it no matter how hard you try.  After all, it just wouldn't be right for us to land installation dates on a *quiet* week, now would it?  Where's the adventure in that??
While we will be up to our necks in work around here, we are extremely thankful and excited for these things to be happening.  I can't wait to be in our freshly painted, freshly carpeted, freshly tiled and freshly purged home in a few weeks :) Did I use the word *freshly* enough for you??  It is a blessing to get this work done and although I am tired of living with cans of paint, piles of clothes to donate, toys that need to be packed away, and the general chaos that comes with all of this, it will be worth it in the end.  At least I keep telling myself that when I want to get in my bed, curl up in the fetal position and cry over all I have to do!  

In addition to all of that, I'm equally as excited to share this journey with you in a blog series I'm participating in with The Nester.  It's a 31 days series in October and I am choosing to blog about our home and the many transformations happening here.  Truly the Lord has walked with us through this and has surprised us and provided for us in some of the craziest ways, I can't wait to tell you all the stories He has strung together in a way that only He can.  So after I survive the next two weeks (I'm believing by faith that we will actually survive this!)  I'll finally be able to give you a full tour, along with all the scoop and the ways God has shown up in big and little ways.  I can't wait!  

I'll give you all the details as they unfold for the series and you'll be able to see my 31 days button appear on here soon.  Praying your weekend is restful, even in the middle of activities and commitments and fun!  That is where we are having to be very intentional right now.  We have SO much to do, but we also need SO much to be still and know HE is God.  It's so easy to be overwhelmed, but I know He will see us through and give us just enough energy and strength to get through one day and one event at a time.  

Happy Weekend! 

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