Our New Little Valentine...

So, it's Valentine's Day!!  And we have been anticipating this day for months!!  Not only are we embracing hearts and candy and all things pink and red today, but today is our 20 week ultrasound for baby #3!!  I love the timing, so appropriate as we celebrate one more little heart to love around here.

This morning actually, bright and early, we woke our kiddos up and dropped them off at my cousin's house.  Trav leaves for a JH winter retreat this afternoon, so we had to take the earliest appt. we could get so we could find out what this little one was up to, but more importantly, WHO they are??? 
 Here we are at 20 weeks today, half-way already!  Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like getting up at 6am when it's 4 degrees out!  And P.S., I'm wearing pink for Valentine's day, not because I was hoping for a girl more than a boy!  Which is a good thing because...
Yep, Baby #3 is in fact a little BOY!!!!
Another round of blue for us and more cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes in our future!  
 We brought some balloons to surprise the kids when we picked them up.
 Aaaannnndddd, this about sums it up!  Carter was thrilled when he figured it out, Ava...hmm, not quite there yet! She had her little heart set on a girl, but this is why we are letting them know now.  Lots of time to fall in love with her newest little brother! 
 Oh man, if I thought Carter wore me out now, I can only imagine what the next few years are going to hold!!!  Praising the Lord for an adventurous Daddy with LOTS of energy who loves to RUN!!  Because that's what life with a couple little boys is going to be all about for a few years, RUNNING!!!  
 And then there's this sweet girl...She's already informed us that maybe when the baby comes, God will give us a girl??  OR that she will be excited NEXT TIME when God gives us a girl!  Ha ha!!  Oh dear, we have LOTS to talk through!  I am suddenly very thankful that we've indulged her in all things pink and princess, she's going to need more and more of that in the years to come!  We girls are going to have to stick together now and bring all things "girly and feminine" to our little family!
 We are blessed beyond measure!  What a sweet day this is for our little family of 5!!!
My heart could explode over how much we love and adore both of our kids.  I can't even imagine the joy ahead as we add another little guy to the mix and welcome another Valentine into our hearts!  We are thankful that this little one is healthy and measuring right on track.  What a relief to see all those important organs and body parts and to hear that everything looks perfect.  Thank you LORD!!  
 We are SO thankful and grateful for you Baby BOY!!!  I will always remember seeing your face and knowing who you are on this day!  Twelve years ago today, your Daddy told me he loved me and now here we are... "Meeting" YOU, surprising your big brother and sister with the news of YOU and dropping off Kindergarten registration papers all on the same day!!  We are excited and anxious to meet you on the outside soon, to hold you in our arms and bring you home!!  
Welcome to our family, little guy!!  
You are SO loved and adored already.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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