A Day Worthy of Praise

Happy Saturday! I am sitting here and typing this on one of those picture perfect days, with a wonderful breeze blowing on me, and I'm looking at a sky that's brilliantly blue without a cloud around. What an incredible day! We have been so blessed this week with gorgeous weather...I can even feel the crispness of fall in the air. There is just something about fall that I starting, leaves changing, cool weather, holidays on the horizon, new beginnings...I just love it all. I am not wishing away what's left of summer, but I have decided that I am a 4-season girl!

When we lived in Florida, I genuinely missed the seasons. Even winter. But only for like a moment! They are so reflective of our lives and all the changes we undergo. I'm reminded of a friend who is definately walking through a stormy season that just won't cease in bringing rain. She knows it's bringing fruit and helping spur on growth, but it seems so gloomy and she's longing for the "Son" to shine through. So she and her family are hanging on, with hope. Hope for sunny days again, for relief from the rain. God is always faithful, like the seasons, and that brings such peace.

We had such a fun night on Wednesday with our student ministry. We have so many great parks and lakes in Minnesota and we're in that time of year when the weather is very condusive to being outside. So, we hosted a combined high school and junior high worship night at Staring Lake in their outdoor ampitheater. On Tuesday it rained all day and night, but on Wednesday, from the moment we woke up, it was gorgeous. Perfectly still and oozing with beauty. More than once I imagined the Lord smiling at the thought of his children setting aside time to worship and I wondered if our day wasn't special ordered for the occasion? Maybe not, maybe it was just a "lucky" break, but the thought that it could have been created just for us
makes my heart swell with gratitude and praise. And speaking of praise, what a night it was. We were surrounded by the majesty of creation, staring at the trees and the sky, watching the sun set around us, while we offered up our best to our Saviour. Is there anything more worthwhile than that? Seeing students moved, hearing their voices, and watching their hands reaching for the Heavens?

Like a perfect soundtrack, our home is filled right now with the sounds of David Crowder singing "O Praise Him"...and I can't think of a better way to put it.

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The Martins said...

nicely put! Our day here is beautiful too, even down here in VA. I'm with you on the fall thing. It gets me pumped up.