Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love flowers and anything to do with them. I can't tell you how many arrangements I've made for other people over the years...thousands and thousands of orders have been in my hands...birthdays, anniversarys, funerals, random "I love you" bouquets, and everytime I made one, I thought about the person on the other end. What kind of day are they having? Will they appreciate this? Will they like it? Will this make their day? I loved being a florist because I got to influence other people's lives on a regular basis. Some of my favorite days were when I got to work with families who were grieving and needed flowers for their loved one's funeral...I can't tell you how many people I've hugged and cried with over the years. God gave me the gift of mercy and it seemed to pour out of me in those situations. Other co-workers hated the funeral work, but I loved it. I loved it because I knew I could offer more than just a pretty casket spray. I had hope in my heart and peace from my Savior that the world can't offer and so when I got to share that hope and express my genuine sorrow and concern, I knew God was using me for his glory in the middle of someone's grief.

After this last week, the tables were turned. Those were my flowers. Someone gave me that beautiful bouquet and I'm sure my friend told them "she just had a miscarriage, so make it bright and cheery." I'm sure that's why the designer chose the flowers she did and why my friend gave them to me...and I loved them. They did make my day and I totally appreciated it. Even though my heart was breaking, God gave me hope in the middle of my grief and these flowers were just one example of how He ministered to me through other people. He's been so tender to me and you, my friends and family, have been so kind as well. Thank you for your flowers, your cards, your emails, your hugs, your phone calls and your prayers. I am so very aware of how precious you are to me and how blessed I truly am.

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