DVR Despair...

Ok, I'm trying not to have heart palpitations, but it's been a sad evening at the Armstrongs because we've just "lost" our DVR, due to a failed hard drive. We came home last night after church, anxiously ready to watch American Idol and see how the girls did, but when I turned on the T.V., there was a screen that said "a FATAL error has occurred, your DVR cannot be accessed at this time"...never a good sign. After talking to customer service, it was determined that our hard drive failed and we would need to have the box replaced, as it was broken beyond repair. We're kind of sad about losing it...we love that thing and we had stuff on there that we hadn't watched yet...bummer. You never appreciate something until it's gone, right? It's now constantly making a pathetic "clicking" noise, which customer service said was its "death cry."

I'm trying not to think of all the shows that DIDN'T get recorded today that I would be watching right now if they did! Who knew a hard drive could fail all by itself, without us even being home or watching something? Now we have to wait 5 business days for UPS to bring us our new box...isn't that a bummer? Fortunately we are gone this weekend on our winter retreat, however, Sunday night is Oscar night and I LOVE to watch the red carpet coverage. I would have recorded it, as we won't be home yet to see it live, and watched it with such excitement, but I'm going to have to re-adjust my plans and miss it...oh the tragedy of it all! Oh well, I suppose this is a good reminder that perhaps we watch too much T.V. I'm just wondering why it had to happen during the finale week of Project Runway??? How will I cope without knowing who won and what their collections looked like??? Here's hoping my UPS man shows up before Wednesday next week! Otherwise, I'll be searching for someone with a DVR to record it for me!


Jerbecca said...

Oh! How sad! We don't have a DVR yet, but I told Jeremy we should get one. But I'm home all day so I guess I get to watch what I want. But it would still be good because I have some shows I like that come on at the same time! Have fun this weekend!

sheltonfamily said...

Do you have dish network? We are not fans of them if you do.. .However, when we've had to send stuff off ups for our dish it has always worked and been prompt. We are now normal cable people (time warner) and it is so much better. I hope you get to watch your shows. Was one AI? I am also a survivor fan this season. it is always on our dvr. good luck!