I Love Craig's List!!

My Latest purchase, courtesy of Craig's List...a chaise lounge for our bedroom! I got a fantastic deal on it and after a long search, it fits that corner perfectly!

Of course I made a stop for new decorative pillows and a warm throw...can't you just picture me "lounging" on this and curled up in my new blanket???

Ryley always tries to get in the action when I start taking pictures! He sees the flash and he comes running...I think I've warped him! This is his "natural" pose!

We have been searching for a chair for "that corner" for such a long time...I love it! It's my new "prayer chair" for my quiet times with my Bible, my journal, and the Lord...and a cup of coffee of course.

Our bed...I think my love language may be spoken in pillows...what do you think? There are currently 11 on our bed, 9 on our couch, 7 on our guest bed, and 3 on our new chaise lounge...I have a very SWEET, TOLERANT, and PATIENT husband!!

The view from our door into our up on our "list" of things to do, paint! I can take the white walls no longer!! I'm dying for color.

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sheltonfamily said...

ooohhhh... stephie,
I love it! CList is awesome... we've sold many cars on clist and bought a few items as well.... i'm glad you found your chair... i love your bed and brown is our favorite color... i think i need some more pillows. we only have 5 on our bed compared to your 11. miss you all!