I've been "Tagged" again

My new friend, Faith, tagged me tonight but I've already done it before. So, in the spirit of compliance, I thought I could still do it, but with a twist. I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about me, but instead I'm going to tell you 7 things I want for my birthday, since it's on Thursday. I've decided to ask for alot, realizing that I will definately not be getting any of these things...but a girl can dream right? Travis is unaware of this list, I gave him a much smaller, cost effective version, but he wouldn't be surprised by anything on this list I'm sure! So, sorry Faith for not playing by the rules, but here it is:

7 Things I Wish I Could Get On My Birthday

1. A Mac Book Pro. I desperately need a new computer, and I totally want a mac, simply for the photo and video software. It's my dream. My Dell has served me well for the last 6 years, but it's a dinosaur now and the source of many's time to let my Dell go and welcome Mac to my world. Here's hoping!

2. A new i-pod. I've never bought an i-pod. Travis has one and our friends Mike and Holly took pity on me and gave me an old one of theirs, when they realized I didn't have one...isn't that sweet? But, I would love a new one, with video capabilities and lots of my favorite songs already loaded on it...hey, it's my list, so why not? I'd really like an i-phone, but we have a contract with sprint for 2 more years, so that's not going to work. But I'd still like one!

3. A big, fat gift card to Archiver's. I can do serious damage in there and it would be fun to spend money that isn't coming out of our checking account! That way I wouldn't feel guilty about it. I would love some new scrapbooking stuff and they have a limitless supply!

4. A new camera. I love my camera, it's my second Sony Cybershot, but I would love a new one with a much better/sophisticated zoom and lens. I love to take pictures and I would love to improve my shots with a better camera. I think I would still prefer a Sony, because I've really loved them and they are very user friendly. But I'm open to new options too. I just would love to take great, crisp, clear photos with lots of settings to choose from. To go along with my new camera, I would love to take lessons from someone. I don't want to take a class because I am done with school and I don't want the stress anymore of tests and projects, but I would love a one on one tutorial!

5. I really want my subscription to People Magazine back. I was a subscriber for two years, and I have to say, I loved it. Every Friday brought me joy when I opened our mail and found my issue waiting for me. And Travis loved it too, although he would never admit that. In January I decided not to renew, in an effort to spend our money more wisely, but I miss it and I would love that one indulgance back. Think what you want, but I like reading about celebrities and big public interest stories. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not denying it. I'm a People addict going through serious withdrawl.

6. I would also love another loaded gift card to Homegoods. Possibly one of my favorite stores. I love shopping for our house there and I also can do lots of damage. We are in "need" of some artwork for several rooms in our house and I would like to just pick a bunch a great pieces out. And maybe a new area rug. And some storage pieces. And a big black mirror. I'd have to pace myself. I'm getting giddy just imagining it!

7. Finally, I would like a housekeeper service to come to my house once a month. Not to pick up after us, but just to do the deep cleaning jobs that I don't enjoy. Bathrooms, kitchen floors, windows, dusting, etc. And to clean the dog hair off our furniture. Those are the things I don't love and wouldn't it be great to let someone else do them? Again, it's my list and it's my dream.

I realize that the likelihood of me getting any of these things is low, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared in case I win the lottery (which I don't play) or in case I run into a millionaire who is looking for someone to spend money on. It could happen, right? If it does, at least I'll be ready with a very detailed list!


Faith said...

Thanks for playing along! I love this list and I'm hoping your birthday is full of surprises!
We are Sony camera people too...I'm just used to how they work! And, oh my...the housekeeper would be AWESOME! I get so tired of dusting and cleaning up after the dogs. I too would love someone to do the deep cleaning and I could just hit the high points!

tapango1 said...

Just a few notes :)

Happy birthday week! 28 has been good for me so far and I wish you the same :)

we both have sprint so we can talk for free,lol woohoo

i do play the lotto along with alot of other sweeps and if i win big i will grant you one wish from your list!!!

sheltonfamily said...

I love it! What a fun post... and I can understand why you would want a new ipod. Mike would not even use the one we gave you! Out of your list I would pick the housekeeper. In fact I kind of hinted to Mike just let me have one for mom's day twice a year. It is around $80 a time here and it would be so worth it to me. I think I would get my house really dirty and then let her come and I would feel so much better.

Faith said...

Hey Stephanie! Thanks for letting me know that it still did not go through. I really don't know what the deal is! I just sent it again from a different email address...this one will be from "chadandfaith" instead of "adesignoffaith". Hopefully it will work this time. Let me know!

Heather said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday today!

Kelly said...

This list is great!!!!

Ryan and Karis said...

Happy Birthday Steph! I want to know what Travis gets you...especially in light of his birthday present!

Faith said...

I wish you a very happy day!