Too Busy to Blog!

I want to weigh in for just a second and ask for your prayers tomorrow. Since we've landed, we've had absolutely no time to sit still! Talk about a total crash course into reality...we are so busy this week and weekend, it's a good thing we just went on vacation or we'd be exhausted!!

I'm going to give you a list of bullet points, because I have about 5 minutes to do this and not enough time to elaborate on much!

-Tomorrow I am speaking to Grace's MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group, teaching a floral arranging demo. Should be fun, but lots of prep work on my end. Picked up the flowers today, beautiful, just have to plan my talk and write up a handout.

-Ironically, after my MOPS talk, Travis and I are meeting with an Infertility Specialist at my OB/GYN's office. We have peace about this...God has been showing us some things in this process and laying some truths on our hearts. We feel like this is a necessary appt. to get some answers we are seeking, but we have some reservations too and have had to really talk about what we're willing to do and what we're not. I will share more about this later, but for now, please pray for our appointment. I'm asking the Lord to help me trust Him with this next season and I'm choosing to praise Him regardless of what we learn. He is Sovereign over all this and we are simply wanting to go where He leads and walk in obedience and surrender to the best of our ability.

-I Have a great Bible Study tonight, talking about leadership and time management (of course!) I always leave very refreshed, but getting there every time is a total struggle!!

-We have a student ministry event all day Saturday, "Fiesta Dodgeball"...doesn't that sound like fun?? It actually is quite fun and hilarious to see the teams our students come up with and their crazy outfits! In honor of that, and the big news today, THE OFFICE IS BACK TONIGHT WITH AN ALL NEW EPISODE, I am posting the third installment of the Student Ministry Office videos for your enjoyment!! Too bad I'm too busy to watch the primetime start, but rest assured, I'll be watching it on tivo when I get home!!

-Oh, and just to top the weekend off, we're supposed to get rain, sleet, and snow tonight, tomorrow and Saturday...maybe 8 inches! Let me just tell you that we've already been searching for plane tickets and jobs back in Florida!! What were we thinking when we left?????


Faith said...

Hey Stephanie,
I will be praying for you and all that is to come in the next few days. I pray that the Lord will speak through you at the MOPs meeting and that your presentation will go smoothly.
I will also be praying for your dr. appointment after that. Can I tell you that I could have written every word you said about that. I have seen the term "moral maze" used to describe assisted reproductive technology, and that's exactly what I feel like it is. We are in the same place, desperately seeking God's guidance in this area and wanting to walk in obedience where He leads us. I will most certainly be praying for you and Travis.
I hope that your Spirit is renewed from spending time in His Word tonight at Bible Study, and that your Student event is a huge success!
Oh, we cannot wait for the Office to come back tonight either!!! Yay!

sheltonfamily said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow. It is really neat to see you trusting with such faith. I pray the peace you have will continue to grow and I pray you will "Believe" that God can answer your prayers. The snow sounds yucky especially when we were in our closet at 4 a.m. for a tornado warning last night. The MOPS girls will love you! What a great opportunity!

Jerbecca said...

You needed that relaxing weekend to prepare for all this business!! I will be praying for you tomorrow. It is so encouraging to see your faith and choosing to praise Him no matter what. I am praying that things will go well and that maybe you won't be faced with some of the tougher descions. A lot of the lines are fuzzy I think, but I am so grateful for medical technology too. We love you guys..

Miz Jean said...

Praying for both you! I'm really glad you are at least going to the specialist. Maybe you won't choose to do certain procedures they recommend, and there's nothing wrong with that, but you will at least know what they have to say. Something that really helped me when we were trying and trying and trying was to think that every day was just a day closer to my child. I knew God would lead me to a child to call my own someday - though I didn't know if it would be mine through adoption or if it would be one I would actually carry. Thinking of it that way just helped me to feel more peace that He was at work and I simply had to have faith and follow His direction. Sometimes busyness is a real least for me. In a way, I like being too busy to listen to all my doubts and fears. :)

The Office was AWESOME!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Stephanie - I just prayed for you. I know exactly how you will be feeling. It's so hard to know what to do when all you want is a baby. I wish it was easy for everyone.
I'll pray for clear direction. I'm praying for a miracle for you!
Let us know how it goes.

amy said...

Hey Steph! We are definitely praying for you guys! Just wanted to let you know of a really neat blog that some seminary wives have put together called ... it's really good and this past week's posts really speak to God's faithfulness and goodness in the lives of those who serve Him! We love you guys!