Safely Home Again

We came home today...and we're postponing our entrance into reality as long as we can! At least there was no snow on the ground when we got here, but it was significantly colder and we keep looking out our balcony, hoping we'll see that familiar sight of palm trees swaying in the breeze over the far, just a familiar view of the parking lot. Oh well, we have hundreds of pictures and just as many memories to remind us of a fantastic week. For now, we're reveling in one last night of "vacation!" Thanks for praying us home safely!


Mother of a Firecracker said...

Glad ya'll are home safe and I loved all your pics!



What a cute photo Montage!

Also wanted you to know that I appreciated all the hardwork on the invitation for jennie. WOW, they are REALLY pretty!

Jerbecca said...

OOOOH Looks beautiful! So glad you had fun! Can you tell me what time your appt. is so I can pray at that time? Are you in the same time zone?? Forgot my geography!!

Jesse and Stacie said...

cool pictures-i'm jealous! So who won the bball bracket? I like your pink GAP tanktop :)

Faith said...

Great pictures! It looks like ya'll had such a good time. I want to find Chad some madras shorts like your husbands...very cool!