Baking in Texas

We are gone this week, visiting family in Texas and I am on a self-declared blog break! I didn't even bring my usb cord with me so that I wouldn't be tempted to update with pictures :) Wow, are you proud of me?? I will be back on Monday of next week with lots of pictures and stories. We are having a great time here and Ava is loving all the attention she is getting! Our only complaint is that it is H-O-T here!! We are baking :) But, considering how cold Minnesota has been this summer, it is nice to know the sun still shines somewhere! Anyway, have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend...see you next week!


Ashley Pizarro said...

I love Texas (that's where I am from) I hope you have a blast and can't wait to see your pictures when you return!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hope ya'll are having fun here :)
I wonder how far away you are from me??
Hugs and prayers,

DramaCity said...

Have a great time in Texas!! Can't wait to hear from you when you get back!!!

petrii said...

YAY for vacation!!!

Have fun!!