Welcome to San Antonio!

During the end of the week, we headed to San Antonio to see Trav's Dad and family.  As expected, it was steaming hot there too!  I seriously could not live in that oppressive heat day after day.  It was 100+ every day that we were there and it had been that way for weeks.  I know, I know, it's "not usually like this" but all I know is that I just had to look out the window and I started sweating!  Anyway, we had a great time with the Armstrong clan and Ava loved meeting some more people to love :)
Meeting Grandpa Armstrong for the first time!  I think it was safe to say that Grandpa was smitten by this little redhead :) 
Uncle Sean was nice enough to pick us up in his lime green (and I do mean lime) car.  I'm sure it's the sportiest car her car seat will ever be in!  

Pretty nice, huh?  
Travy loved having his girl in Texas!  He morphed right into his "proud texan" mode and told her every fact and figure about why Texas is the best state in the union :)
She dutifully took it all in.
Uncle Jake was a natural!
Those Armstrong men sure are good-looking!
I think Sean and Jake have both grown by leaps and bounds since we saw them last.  I could hardly keep my mouth from dropping open when we got there!
We had lunch at one of our favorite little spots, Willie's.  
Ava was as good as gold the whole time! 
Is there anything sweeter than two grown teenagers playing with a baby??  Girlfriend alert!!  These two are a great catch :) 
We were so thankful for their pool on these hot, hot summer days!  I could have lived in the water if we had more was such a relief.
Grandma Pam took Ava for a quick dip before we headed to the airport.
As you can see, she was thrilled about it!
She even took a little swim with her Uncle Sean.  
4 Armstrong studs.  
Do I have to tell you which one is my favorite??
Unbelievable to see the height difference from the last time we took this exact same picture!  Definitely all men and no boys now :) 
Grandpa and Grandma with Ava.
We loved seeing you!  Thanks for a great visit!
After a wonderful and busy week, this little girl was just as ready as her Daddy and I to go home!  She really did very well on the flight home.  She was pretty happy most of the time, although Trav did have to walk the aisles several times!
But that walking paid off and she was soon fast asleep in his arms.
We were so proud of our little traveler!  For her first trip to Texas, she was a total trooper!  No matter what we threw her way, she rolled with it and adjusted.  Thank you Lord!!  Given our crazy/busy lifestyle, miss Ava seems to be fitting right in :)  We think we'll keep her!!

However, the next time we make another visit to the Lone Star state, it will NOT be in August!!


Jed said...

Seeing those four guys together, you can tell which one's from Minnesota.

Peggy & Ron said...

Ava's definitely a star in this blog. She WAS so good and rolled with the punches. Hope you guys are recovering from your "vacation". We were so happy to see Ava and grateful for your great effort to come, in AUGUST!