Day Two

Today was another great day at camp. The weather was beautiful, a little cooler, but still so nice and we had lots of fun with the students. We did have a few casualties, due to the giant ball you see pictured above (lovingly referred to as the "death ball") but other than that, no worries! For the record, I hate the "death ball" and always have. Every year I protest playing with it, but it is a favorite at camp and it's practically sacred. There would be a riot I think if we took it away. However, I would like to point out that every year someone walks away wounded. Not that it seems to matter, but as the responsible one, I feel it's my duty to point that out :) Aside from the carnage you see in this picture, we had a busy afternoon, running the kids ragged. They learned a new game called "hoccer" which was quite entertaining. It's a combo of soccer and I don't know what, but the kids loved it!
This is Ava with another friend, while the rest of the kids played a game on the field. So cute in their green outfits, huh?And this is Ava after her giant blowout. Yeah, she doesn't look very guilty does she?? Let me tell you, she was!
The "you rub my back and I'll run yours" line.
What would camp be without stupid games??
Playing a pre-dinner crowdbreaker, weaving a spoon on string in and out of shirts in a line!
Waiting in line for dinner. Have I told you how amazing the food is here?? Honestly, it's unbelieveable. Every thing is homemade and so yummy! I would be a fool to leave at this point and miss the meals :) We had such a wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner today. It makes us feel good for the kids. Our previous camp had such terrible food, we always felt like they weren't getting enough and that it had zero nutrition. It is the complete opposite here and we're very thankful!
This one is for 3 facebook moms that I know will see this!! Look, they're all having a good time!!
Girls are always willing to pose for a picture!
But guys are totally oblivious to the camera!
Waiting to go inside the chapel.
We always make a big deal about the kids who get mail from home and tonight, all of my cousins kids got mail from their aunt Jenny :) They had to sing "We are family" in order to receive it, which was hilarious!
She was so smiley while we sat outside during worship! It's too loud and hot inside the chapel for us, so we get to sing and listen outside on the porch. Ava mostly looks around and drools all over me :)
But, since she is my main ministry right now, that's ok too.
I'll take her drool-induced smiles inside or outside!


Jenny said...

ok that is so funny! how did they get there so fast, I just mailed them yesterday~the guy told me 3-4 days! Bet they love me, esp. George!

Toni :O) said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Ava with her pink bow in her hair, pink bib and adorable smile is just too stinkin cute! She is such a doll and I love checking in on your blog...that girl of yours just makes me smile! Hope the rest of your week continues to go well!

DeDe said...

She is sooo stinkin cute! Looks like you are all having a great time for a great cause! I teach junior high kids and I just love it and I hate it when I hear comments from others when I tell them I love that age group.

Erin said...

Sounds like another great day at camp! Glad the food is good this time, must make a big difference.

petrii said...

Good food at camp?!! Who knew that was around!! Usually not so much the case and definitely not healthy for you.

Ava is a doll and I love all her cute outfits.

Have a Blessed day,