I Love...

-When the sunlight streams through the blinds in the morning.
-A little chatterbox who wakes us up, talking or singing while tapping her foot on the back of the crib.  It's the best way to usher in a new day!
-Watching my husband's summer tan develop.  Makes me feel all tingly inside when I see him :)
-Feeling another precious little life moving inside me.
-Watching Ava carry her baby under her arm, every where she goes.
-Pickles.  Sweet and Dill.  I can't get enough of them.  I blame it on the pregnancy!!  Ha Ha!
-Having freshly cleaned carpets.
-Seeing Ava's dance moves.
-The anticipation of summer coming.
-My life.


Aimee said...

I am currently loving all types of pickles as well! My favorite (at the moment) are called Wickles (Wickedly Delicious Pickle). It is a sweet pickle that is also has some heat that follows it. Ah-mazing! If you don't have these in your area, email me ( and I will mail you some. They are that good:)

Anonymous said...

1 Gal. Whole Vlasic Dill Pickles
2 heaping cups of Splenda
Approx. 6 ounces of any kind of hot sauce (Tapatio, Tabasco, etc. - I use some of each)
garlic, as much as you want

I pour the pickle juice out of the gallon of pickles into a bowl.

I fish the pickles out of the jar and put them in another bowl.

I pour the pickle juice back in the pickle jar.

I pour the Splenda, and the hot sauce into the pickle juice in the jar.

I slice the pickles about 1/4inch thick, and put them back in the jar, interspersing with garlic when the mood strikes.

Put the lid on and shake the gallon a little. Refrigerate.

I buy the Whole Dill Pickles at Sams Club.

That's it.

bcl said...

I hear you on the pickle cravings! Had a dill spear last night with dinner from Jason's Deli. Nothing ever tasted so good! :)

Jesse said...

You must also love sucking all the heat into Minnesota and stealing it from the mid-Atlantic. This weather pattern has to stop! :)

Peggy & Ron said...

Okay, ready for some video of those new dance moves, Ava.