Picnic in the Park

We are having such wonderful weather here!  It's just been beautiful for the last couple of days and the forecast for the rest of the week, seems to indicate more of the same.  THESE are the days that Minnesotans live for!  THIS is what we endure winter for!!  Spring and Summer here are just amazing and we are more than ready to enjoy every single day we get!  On Saturday, we decided it was time for our first picnic of the season.  Can I tell you how long I've wanted to do this with Ava?  She's at that perfect age where we can start making it a regular activity I think.  
As soon as we pulled the food out, she seemed to catch right on!  Oh I just want to kiss her when she sits like that on her knees and shoves her tiny pieces of food in her mouth!  She looks like such a big girl to me...Some days I catch a glimpse of her and it just stops me in my tracks.  She's growing like a weed!
We also brought Ryley along, knowing he would love the chance to be out with us and eat all the food Ava dropped!  He played his part well and did a nice job of completely the "all american family" look we had going!
Then Ava spotted his leash, which is her new favorite toy.
No, seriously.  She loves it. 
She likes to drag it around with her and pretend she's attaching it to something. 
 I believe she's thinking here, "Now where is a dog I can handle??"  She knows we hook it to Ryley's harness somehow, and she often stands by him with the metal hook in her hand, holding it up to his back.  But from that point on, she's not quite sure what to do, so she just acts like she knows what she's doing.  
And I'm convinced.  
Aren't you?
Pretty soon she tired of the leash and set her sights on bigger fun.  
With Daddy of course :) 
Is there any sight sweeter than watching the man you love with his daughter??  With OUR daughter??
Well, maybe...And that is watching him win the battle over the sun hat, with the daughter you both love!  
It didn't need to be a battle, but she wanted to wage war and we were more than happy to play along.  
We will not be fooled by your cuteness Ava!  We can see right through your strong will :) 
But we will win the battles we want to.
Because we're the parents! Ha!
Ok, enough battling...There was also plenty of playing!
Not sure she's too excited about the slide yet...
But we were!
And this is what happens when the photographer wants to be in the picture too.
The best behavior is always saved for the Mother, right??
At least Ryley smiled for me.
We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon and better yet, we wore this little one out!  She had it pretty good, if I do say so myself!  I would have done anything for a ride back home like this one :) 
Too bad she didn't want to nap when we finally made it home!  
Too bad because her Mom and Dad REALLY wanted to nap....
Somehow I think she knew that.  

Good thing we love her!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Good seeing Ryley :) And his little tongue hanging smile! :)

Those little knees tucked under... how adorable is that!

~Bekah said...

awww she is too cute!! i bought shelby a few hats like this and one is hot pink w/ a HUGE flower on it and she's not too sure about it but she will HAVE TO Get over it b/c she's got more of Josh's red-head skin than I'd like and she's gonna burn i'm afraid....i can't wait to have picnics! that may be an activity for today outside! shelby also loves to sit on her knees! it's too cute! mom says i did this constantly! she says shelby does soo many things i did at this age that it makes her sad to see how i'm now grown up but amazed and joyful to see her granddaughter! :) love ya and you are beautiful and so is your family!!
~God bless

Peggy & Ron said...

Adorable! Love the big, floppy hat, Ava. Wear it if you don't want Nana's skin when you get old.

Jesse and Stacie said...

Oh Pagey, you are getting soooo big!! It makes my heart hurt :) I'm sure Ryley loved your picnic too.