Sizzlin in the Southwest!

We are almost done with our impromptu/planned adventures in the southwest!  This past week has been an absolute crazy one.  We have been in both Texas and New Mexico this week, with a stop in Minnesota in between.  If ever I've had to learn to be flexible, this week was it.  We are still visiting with some of Trav's family and having a wonderful time.   It is hot, hot, hot here and we are glad to be missing the wet and cold weather back home!  Ava has been an incredible trooper, but I think she will be very ready to be back in her own bed and her normal routine soon. We have drug this girl all over the southwestern united states, in 5 airports in 7 days.  I think we may NEVER fly again after this is over!!  Although she hasn't been terrible yet, she is constantly busy and we are stressed from the moment we get to the airport until the moment we arrive somewhere new.  I have a whole new appreciation for every parent who flies the "not so friendly" skies with their kids.  It's not easy people!!  I HATE the whole experience in fact :) However, we have made some fun memories and caught up with so many of our loved ones this week, so it's been worth it, but next time I think we need to gather in Minnesota!! 

I will have to wait and post all of our pictures when we are home tomorrow night in our own house on my own computer.  We took a trip to Santa Fe today and I took lots of fun pictures there, plus we have lots of new ones with Ava's cousins, aunts, uncles and other assorted people!  One thing about Trav's family that I've grown to love are all the names for the "grandparents" on this side.  I grew up calling my grandparents "Grandma and Grandpa" but he grew up calling his Granny, Pa, Mee Maw and Paw Paw.  Now Ava has the same list, along with a Nana, Papa, Texie, Grandpa Ron and Grandma Pam!  And that's all on Trav's side!  It's exhausting just figuring out who you're talking to-HA HA!!  But, we love them all and are blessed to have so many people who love us (and Ava) right back. 

We've got one more night of hot weather and we are going to enjoy it!  Ava is a little backyard rat and she wants to be outside in the grass all day and night!  It's been so fun to watch her toddle all over the place with her cousins, laughing and giggling!  I can't wait to show you the pictures. 

Hope you've had a wonderful week!  If I survive the last leg of our airport tour, I will get some pictures up as soon as I can!  Happy Monday!!

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