Despite the Rain

Today is one of those days, when despite the rain, I am doing my best to make it a good day with a good attitude to boot.  But truthfully, it's taking everything I've got within me to do that.  For like the millionth day in a row (perhaps a slight exaggeration) it's cold, over cast and rainy.  Think 62 degrees outside.  We haven't had a sunny day since last Wednesday I think??  It's bumming me out for so many reasons, but mostly because I have these grand mommy plans that involve walks to the park, playing at the splash pad, and just being outside exploring.  I go to bed every night imagining that "tomorrow" we'll be outside to play.  But so far, my plans keep getting interrupted by the ever present rain and cold.  Soooooo, although I could whine about that forever, I'm choosing to get beyond it and embrace today for what it is.  I've got at least one errand that I need to run, so I think we'll make a stop at an indoor park to salvage some play time  together before Daddy gets home :) And of course I'll start praying now that everyone else in the metro area doesn't have the same idea as me....

We've had a quiet weekend around here and as much as I enjoyed it, I mourned a little bit last night because I know it's our last one for quite some time.  Trav's summer activities kick into full gear this week and we are so busy for the next several months.  So much of it is fun, but I'm having to take it one week at a time or even one day at a time, in order to keep myself from getting totally stressed out about it.  For example, I sent 4 emails last night trying to firm up some baby-sitting help for this week alone, because Travis will be gone on a trip and I have several places to be.  I'm feeling a little bit like an event coordinator today, but I'm grateful that I have people I can ask for help from.  I know that's not always true for lots of Moms and that would be so tough for me to imagine.  Without grandparents in town, it's such a blessing to have an extended family to go to, as well as a Church family who loves us.  But I'm not going to lie, having Grandparents in town would be an ideal gift :)

Anyway, I can't wait to show you some of my recent purchases from my Craig's list extravaganza and from my incessant searches on the internet for a few things around here.  I think the Lord has really blessed my desire to be content with being in this condo and I have stumbled upon some incredible deals.  However, let me just tell you that whenever I blog about some kind of lesson God is teaching me, without fail, He always puts me to the test just as soon as those claims appear on my blog :) It used to throw me for a loop, but now I've come to expect it and desire to do my best at backing my words up with my actions.  He is still growing me in this area, but He has been so faithful to show me the rewards of being obedient.  Having a heart satisfaction that is secure in Him alone, is worth every struggle for every square inch.  Stuff is just that...stuff.  There will always be an opportunity to go bigger or better or newer, but if I'm not content with what He's given me already, I'll never be ready to handle more.  I am enjoying our home so much right now and especially the challenge of how to put this "baby suite" together on my meager budget :) I'm grateful for how He is providing every single week and I know when it's done and ready, I'll be able to point to so many things that He blessed us with.  It is fun and yet, I'm trying to keep it all in balance too.  I frequently have to set a timer for my own self to be on the internet, otherwise I can spend hours looking and looking for things, spending money and just coveting everything I see!  That's the curse of a mind that loves interior design :) There is always more to see and more to dream about!!

Tomorrow we get to have one of my deals (a great upgrade for us) installed and I'm totally excited to show you the finished product!  I know I'm going to love it :)  For now, I'm going to go pour myself a cup of coffee, grab my Bible and my memory verse cards and try to make the most of this day, despite the rain.  The perspective I need is about to become alive in God's word and Heaven knows I need the reminder today!  I hope you have a wonderful day, despite any "rain"you may be experiencing.  He is worthy of our praise on the sunny days and the gray ones too.  Hope you have a great Monday!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Cant wait to see what you have to show us!!!

Yep, God surely has a sense of humor, because I too will say something about a situation & God will be "oh, reeeealllyyy?" & then another test/trial/situation will surely come up.... but at least it sounds like you're ready :)

I have really been pondering the scriptures about being faithful with little - being blessed with much... funny you mentioned that...

Like the little heads up to the grandparents too! I keep sending subtle messages to my step daughter to get closer to US so we can do our grandparent duties! :)

Peggy & Ron said...

62 and RAINING, sounds lovely here in south Tx. Wish we could trade for a few days.

Kruger Kids said...

Just got wind that a beautiful family from our church in Buffalo are moving to E.P. as the father will be taking a pastoral position at Grace! I'm not sure what his position will be, but I know that we will miss them and you will be gaining a true blessing! :)