Memorial Day Fun!!

We had such a fun weekend!  On Friday, my parents came for a little visit and we were delighting in the most unbelievable weather!!  It is just gorgeous here and we spent most of our time outside.
We got out Ava's little infant pool from last summer and she was thrilled over it!  It's pretty little, but she still fits inside and managed to have a great time playing!
I could hardly get her to look at me because she was so busy playing, but this little face just thrills me!  Love her little grin...Ahh, the simple joys of childhood!
When we got too hot, we cooled off with some popsicles on the patio.
Ava was all about those!!
Daddy went for a run and played with Ava's little pool too.  It was just a wonderful summer day...we could have been out there for hours.
In fact, we were!  We were soaking up those rays and that heat :) 
On Sunday afternoon, we had to say good bye and it was our saddest one yet!
Ava quickly caught on that Grandma and Grandpa were leaving, along with Ryley and Tigger, and when she did she broke down into a sobbing mess with some big crocodile tears!  It was awful.  I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that we woke her up from her nap to say good-bye, but still, it was painful for everyone...Not sure what we'll do when she really comprehends what "goodbye" means!  She loves Grandma and Grandpa!
BUT, after we said goodbye, we quickly distracted her with a little trip of our own!  We packed up our car and headed east, to go to our Church Retreat Center for the night.  We enjoyed the scenic, although stormy drive and caught a little Americana nostalgia along the way!  
This place cracked us up!  How many drive in chicken places have you been to??
Once we arrived, Travis couldn't wait to get his rear end on an ATV!  He lives to be on those when we're there and he was hoping Ava was going to be excited about it too...
...She was really more excited to do this!
After a fun, late night with some family we woke up to the most picturesque day!
And it didn't take us long to get the ATV's out and go for a tour of the property!
At one of the lookouts, Travis was apparently calling the wild??
We visited the little storybook cottage...
...and the charming chapel.
We got to the top of the hill and enjoyed this amazing view!
Ava even got to ride a little bit, when she woke up from her nap :) I wouldn't say she hated it, but I wouldn't say she loved it either!  One of these days, she will be begging us for rides!  And yes, Daddy is very careful and very slow when she rides with us, so no worrying please!
Afterwards, we headed to the pool for lunch and a swim.

Poor Ava, does she look like the little camp nerd or what??  I had her in a sun hat, a swimsuit cover-up, a life jacket and she clearly had her sunscreen ready to go!  I can't help it, I get a little nervous around pools and in the sun :)  That's what you get when you grow up with a nurse for a Mom!!
Someday she'll forgive me for this I'm sure!
The grill master :) 
It didn't take long for Ava to get her Daddy in the pool with her!
She loved the world's biggest rubber ducky.
And she loved being wet!!  She likes to dunk her face in the water and she would jump in that pool with no fear if we let her!  She's definitely going to be a water bug like her Dad!
She had such a fun time, wandering around and exploring.  I was so thankful that she napped and slept like a champ while we were there!  She was a happy camper because of it :) 
Before we left, Daddy had a little treat for us and Ava was quite interested in what he was doing.
She thought she might help too :) 
We lined up and waited...
...while Trav made us some campfire donuts!
Ava got her first taste of one and there was no stopping her!
This picture makes me laugh for several reasons...
1. She was a crazed little girl over this donut!  
2.  She looks EXACTLY like me when I was her age.  I have so many pics that look just like this, long stringy hair and all! 
3.  Although she loved this and ate an entire donut, we soon paid DEARLY for this on the way home!  She was a WILD WOMAN in her car seat the whole way!  I mean crazy wild!  
We had such a fun time with Brian and Rhonda!
And a great time with our little family too!  
  We are very grateful to our troops who have sacrificed greatly for our freedom and our country and we didn't want to lose sight of that this weekend.  We are so proud of our family members who have served and are serving now, we owe them a lot!  
Happy Memorial Day!!


Darla said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad you guys had a chance to get away. There are lots of great pics, but my favorite may be that last one, where Ava is reluctantly waving at the camera. Ha ha. Also, I'm impressed at your patience in posting so many pictures!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those pictures of Ava sticking her tongue out!

the chapel, and especially the cottage, are SO quaint!

Peggy & Ron said...

What a great Memorial Day weekend you all had! We floated "up" the river and back again and we were the only ones in there.