Shaggy No More!

For a few weeks now, Ava's hair has been a source of much discussion between Travis and I.  Most of it going something like, "What am I supposed to do with this stick straight hair??"  or "If she would only keep a bow in it, it would look so cute!"  She seems to have inherited the same straight hair that Travis and I had as children and much to our delight, the longer it gets, the stringier (I think I just made that word up right now) it gets.  For some twisted reason, it just makes us giggle!  We've needed to do something about it, but part of us just couldn't bear to cut it off because it was so funny to us!  Can you believe I just admitted that???  No one tell her that in 16 years or so :)  In my defense, I have tried endlessly to put bows, rubber bands, clips, etc. in that hair and apparently she is severely allergic to ALL of it!  At least, that's how she seems to react to each accessory I try...Someone has to give me props for trying though...Heaven knows she'll never thank me for it someday :) 
We did get a little panicked when we realized she was even starting to resemble Ryley at some point with her long, wild red hair-do!  
But seriously, can you blame us for delaying it??  Look at that little face and that crazy hair!!  Don't you just want to pick her up and kiss her for it??  "Our little urchin" is what we've called her as of late....I know, that's SOOO bad!!  A little bit longer and we could have called her orphan annie too!!  
But, should you be questioning our twisted sense of humor about now, no need to worry about our neglectful parenting.  Today we made up for it with a special appointment, with Ava's personal stylist.  That's right, she has her own stylist.  How many 1 year olds do you know who have a personal stylist???  And one who makes house calls nonetheless??
Ellie came over this morning and Ava put on the sweet little cape she brought!  
And she did great with her first "real" haircut!
She played with Ellie's comb, which was a source of great fascination.
And Ellie got right in there cleaning that wild hair up!
Oh that's a cute little face!!  Good thing we can see it again!
All done!  We love it Ellie!!  Ava's so stylish with her new bangs now :) 
And her little stacked bob!  
I think she must have been rejoicing too with her newly cleaned up line of sight!!
She ran around the house and did a little jig, but not before stopping for a quick headstand to celebrate!
Usually my ritual too when I get home from the salon :)
Then she grabbed her phone and went for a quick dip in her (waterless) pool.
She enjoyed the cool breeze...
...And got right on the phone to tell her girlfriends all about it!  

Now she's darling in a whole new, cleaned up kind of way :) 
Thanks Ellie!! 
Her hair is ten times better and we're all happy about that...None more so than the shaggy little urchin herself!!  Ha Ha!  Oh I tease, I tease.  She was always sweet and cute, no matter her hairstyle and she's certainly no one's urchin.  But I did enjoy that funny phase!!  
Although I will admit, I do like being able to see her "whole" face again!  


Erin said...

oh I love it. Alex just got her hair cut again today. We keep it short because she also doesn't always want to keep things in her hair. I think Ava looks so cute with her hair like that.

The Martins said...

Ava's new cut is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is adorable! I love hearing about all her activities - she is a super on-the-go kinda girl!

Charlie and Manda said...

so cute!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Love her new cut!! She looks older.

Peggy & Ron said...

Very stylish there, Ava.

Darla said...

Cuuuuuuuuute! Love Ava's haircut!!! I can't wait to see it in person. Oh, and the picture you had on twitter of her on the cart was crackin' me up! I love how sprawled out she is:)