12 Months!

Well, it's official!  12 months of these monthly updates and this is the last one.  Wow, that went fast!  I remember writing your first one like it was just yesterday, but now here we are buddy.  You have officially been 1 for a week and what a week it's been!  I was hoping for a calm, fun week to celebrate your big birthday but instead you got 2 more teeth, an ear infection and this afternoon you fell and took a chunk out of your scalp!  Yikes!  Your pediatrician has been on speed dial this week :) But I guess it's a fitting description of what life with a little BOY is like now!  You have definitely left many of your baby ways behind and are intent on growing up, whether we like it or not! 
 So that we don't forget what life was like this month, here is a little bit about you at 12 months...
-You are still a big guy, weighing 22 lbs and 14 oz.  That puts you at 3 lbs behind your sister, who is 18 months older than you :) I don't know how tall you are yet, but I know you are going to stay on the top of the charts.  You tower over lots of kids your age and I'm definitely putting you in bigger clothes because all of your pants are suddenly too short!
-You are wearing mostly 12-18 mo clothes, but even a few 18-24 mo things too! 
-You are still in a size 4 diaper, just like Ava, which is handy :)
-You have 5 teeth that are very visible and one more coming in. 
Generally, when you aren't sick or teething, you are such a happy guy.  You are very laid back like your Daddy and happy to be out and about.  You LOVE your big sister and are always trying to follow her around and do what she's doing. 
Thankfully, you are still sleeping twice a day for a couple of hours and from 7:30 at night til about 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning.  Which is a good thing because when you are awake, you are in TROUBLE constantly!!  You're into EVERYTHING and I'm realizing it's just a matter of time before you figure out how to do many of the things you see your sister doing.  Just like most men, you LOVE the tv remote :)
Keeping you contained is the best way to keep you safe, but that rarely happens :) You are just a busy guy and you love to explore everything.  I've pulled you out of so many places where you managed to get stuck or frustrated.  I've realized our house is baby-proofed but not Carter-proofed!
You are still in love with that paci, which honestly is helpful.  Our favorite use of it is just to keep you quiet when you are mad or crying because we can't believe how LOUD you are!!  You have got some serious lungs Carter and you make sure the whole world knows it when you aren't happy :) Ava is always covering her ears and telling you, "Dat's too loud Carty!"  Usually it's a scramble to find a paci and muffle you, ha hah!
Ever since your big boy haircut this month, you have looked SO much older.  I just love this picture of you.  From that sweater vest to those shoes, you are just pure sugar.
It's VERY easy to love you Carter!
Those big blue eyes tell us all kinds of stories.  You are such an expressive boy and very observant.  It's hard to get you to be still for any reason these days!  You move from one thing to the next and you're always keeping an eye on what's happening around you.
This has been the month of injuries for you!  You are basically one big bruise.  You've already pulled this table over on you, twice and about every 10 minutes I hear you cry because you hit your head or got your fingers stuck somewhere.  You are very, very different than your sister was at this age!
You love to be outside on our porch, the minute you hear me open the door you go crawling out there like a lightening bolt!
These golf clubs are some of your most prized toys :)
I'm sure it's a matter of time before you are hitting someone with them, namely your sister!
We took you to the apple orchard this month and you looked like such a big boy, taking it all in and wanting to touch everything.
This picture of you just melts my heart. 
Our little blonde hair, blue eyed boy...Oh how we love you!
As you turned one, your appetite suddenly tripled!  I am constantly cutting up food for you and offering you new things.  This was your first time to have spaghetti and just like your sister, you went crazy over it!
You were shoveling that pasta in so fast, we were dying laughing.  I'm not sure if you thought it was your last meal or what, but you didn't take a breath between bites.  You were such a mess by the time we were done!
One of your favorite things is this kitchen.  We find you playing here all the time, way more than Ava.
You like to take this burner out and to play with all the plastic food.  We hear you banging dishes on that thing all the time and then hear you giggle to yourself.  So funny!
Although we did celebrate your big day, you cried for most of it.  I assumed I would be the one in tears, but due to your teeth and ears, it was a hard couple of days.
We just adore you Carter and we are so thankful for this year of life with you.
Finding out we were having a boy was so great, but having YOU as our son has been more than we ever imagined. 
We just wouldn't be complete without you buddy and we are so grateful to God that he made us your parents and that he gave you Ava as a big sister. 
Happy 1st year Carter!
You are a delight and like your sister, the apple of our eyes.  We look forward to this next year and all the changes it will bring as you continue to grow up.  Our prayers have continued from the first day we held you...That you would grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ all your days and that you would trust Him for salvation from an early age.  That is our greatest dream for you and always will be.  Everything else you do or become is just icing on the cake. 
We love you so much, son.  It's been an incredible 12 months!


Ron and Peggy said...

He IS pure sugar to be sure! Now I have one answer to my query, he LOVES spaghetti. Can't wait to see you all in a very short time.

Jesse said...

And everyone was worried about me on the ATVs. Looks like 50mph on a dirt trail is safer than your living room! :)

Someday Carter will brag about the "Staple Incident/s" (hopefully this is his first and last). One day you'll laugh about it. One day Trav will preach about it. And one day Ava...well, she'll probably make fun of Carter about it as long as she can. Let's be honest, he will always be her little brother (even if they wear the same size diaper).

Hope much rest is had at the Armstrong residence today. Good luck Carter-proofing the place! :)