Pumpkins For Sale

We took the kids to a local pumpkin patch last weekend and it was such a fun time for all of us.  It's gotten much colder here, which seems like a better time to buy pumpkins.  I hate getting them when it's like 70 degrees out because they go bad so much faster.  So, we bundled ourselves up and went to my favorite little garden center.  I told Travis, I literally go to my happy place the minute I pull in the parking lot.  It's the CUTEST place and I love to go there.  It's right across the street from our Church, so I stop there often.  I buy my bedding plants there and usually some produce here and there.  It's downright magical this time of year and the kids were all about it this year.  I think I thanked Travis for taking us there about ten times :) The kids were thrilled to pick pumpkins, I was thrilled to take pictures and Travis was thrilled for us to roast the seeds from the pumpkins. 
 It's a win-win for everyone!

We haven't carved them yet or roasted the seeds from them, but we will! 
I've got some crafty plans up my sleeve...
I love the pumpkin patch.  One more activity to cross off our Fall Bucket List!


Ron and Peggy said...

Gonna make some pepitas for your punkin' heads? Looks like a darling place.

Jesse said...

Love the PPP (pumpkin patch pics). I'm waiting for the professional ones (from Facebook)! Stacie showed me a couple on her phone yesterday. As always, adorable. :)

Again, I can't believe how much Carter looks like Ryan Lowe - especially the one of him in front of the $3.00 sign.

We got pumpkins this weekend too (from a pumpkin patch here called "Wal-Mart"). We (I) plan on carving them this weekend. Too much work/mess for Stacie Jo! :)