Thoughts From a Tired Mom

I'm not sure how wise it is to try and write at 11pm, but while Travis watches a movie I care nothing about (grin) I figured this was the best way for me sit next to him, instead of crawling into our bed.  Which truth be told, is where I'd rather be. 

In so many ways I feel like this week has been a battle that we've limped through.  I had high hopes that we'd have a fun week, celebrating Carter and just enjoying each other, but if I'm going to be honest that's not exactly how it's gone down. 

We've been pretty busy around here and I think our schedule has finally caught up to my kids.  Between the two of them, I started noticing some runny noses last weekend and a cough that started to develop.  Ava started it, but she really didn't show many signs of feeling bad.  She was her normal self this week, except for some longer naps and a drippy nose.  Carter on the other hand was a mess all week.  His cold was the milder of the two and honestly, I chalked most of it up to the 2 teeth that are currently breaking through his gums.  However, to say he's been whiny this week is to call our winters here, mild.  He's been a challenge for days, spending most of his time crying or acting like he's going to.  Let's just say that my patience, or lack thereof, has been greatly tested.  And some days have gone better than others.

But, as the days have progressed I could tell that he was not feeling well and that his cough was turning into Ava's.  So I got them in to the pediatrician tonight, really thinking Carter was the one who needed meds...

*sidenote*-This is really riveting stuff, isn't it???  Aren't you glad you've invested the last 5 minutes in reading about the ins and outs of my kids' colds?? 

Anyway, as it turns out Ava was the one who has really been suffering this week.  Yes, Carter has several teeth coming in AND an ear infection, but poor Ava has a double ear infection.  Her left ear was so blistery and infected that our pediatrician said it was almost bleeding!!  SO sad!!  But seriously, you never would have known she was hurting so much, she must have a high tolerance for pain or just a strong will that doesn't want to miss a thing :)  I'm so thankful we took them in and so glad to have them both on antibiotics.  Hoping for a much better weekend now...

Because I'm so tired and it's getting so late (why am I up??) I've got nothing left for a coherent post, so what's a girl to do???  Share some more fun finds on pinterest, food edition.  Enjoy, friends...

Don't those look good?  They are apple pie roll-ups or something.  I am not a big pie fan, don't love pie crust, but I think this looks yummy.
I just see these and immediately my mind goes to...
Must. Decorate. Cookies.
So cute!!
I seriously need to like print this off and tack it on my fridge.  It's 20 ideas for healthy snacks.  I'm not sure what it is, but in the afternoon when my kids say they are hungry, I seem to get a complete mental block about what to give them.  I stare into the cupboards like an idiot and pull out the same thing everytime.  This looks helpful and delicious.
Neighbor/Teacher/Nursery worker gift??  Looks really cute and is super easy.
These intrigue me because it says they are cakes baked in tin cans.  Isn't that crazy??  And totally fun and unexpected.  I assumed they were big, but really they aren't.
Grilled cheese with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.  On the menu this weekend!
And finally, why have I never done this???  Slice a potato, drizzle it with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake.  YUM!  I'm into roasting everything these days and this looks like a new way to enjoy an old standby.  I bet they're even better when the edges are crispy!

Ok, I lied. 
One more and it's not food related.  But I saw this and thought it was perfect for our facebook/twitter generation...

Word, people.  Word. 
Sometimes we work hard for those one liners.  Show a little facebook/twitter love!!  ha ha!!
Happy Friday!


Ron and Peggy said...

Love the food pictures! Sorry to hear about the kids ear infections.

Toni :O) said...

Man those pictures of food look sooooo yummy! What a bummer about the kid's infections. Don't feel bad though, my nephew had an undetected ear infection for a few days so you are not alone in missing the signs. I'm sure you have noticed a difference just 24 hours in on the antibiotic, usually helps quite a bit. Hope your weekend goes better than your week went!