Autumn Has Arrived

I've started my fall decorating, but I'm still seeking some inspiration here and there, like on my coffee table for instance!  I've been looking at lots of blogs and getting some good ideas, but I'm also trying to keep my spending under control, by using lots of what I already have, just in different ways.  It makes me very happy to wake up in the morning, or to come home after work, and to have all my candles giving off their wonderful spicy smells.  This time of year is just plain good for my soul!  And, to top it off, we are having incredible weather right now!  Thank you Lord!!

This shelf is right inside our front door and so I wanted it to have lots of fall touches.  Not thrilled with the flower arrangement on top, but I haven't had time to re-do it yet.  I will.  I love decorating for fall more than any other season.  It just fits me and the colors work really well with our furniture and color scheme.  

One of my favorite things, are these little gourds and mini-pumpkins that I buy every year at this little farmer's market.  I thought these were fun with their long, twisted stems and I always think they look good nestled on some raffia in a clay pot.  Raffia is one of my fall go-to things!

This year, I tried something totally different on my table.  I kind of just made it up with what I had around the house, but I really liked it when it was done!  I like to use coffee beans this time of year too as a decorating tip.  They smell good and they look good with most fall colors.  

These candle hurricanes were a steal!  I bought them on Tuesday at Homegoods, on CLEARANCE (my favorite kind of buy) for $5 each!  I love them.  Especially with a candle and raffia!  The candles are nestled in sand, with coffee beans on top of the sand.  

I confess, I have a thing for pumpkins.  I don't get into the "halloween" stuff too much, like witches and spiders and jack-0-lanterns (that may change with kids), but I do like different kinds of pumpkins, because I feel like they work all the way until Thanksgiving.  These three pumpkins were a fun buy last year, they all have scripture carved in them.   

I liked how this table turned out too...I kept it pretty simple, but used lots of the same things.

I know, I know...I am probably overboard with my pumpkin thing, but I can't help it!  And in case you're wondering, the "T" and "S" are for Travis and Stephanie.  I have the coordinating "A" on the opposite wall for Armstrong.  


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh - all your decorating is just too cute! I think Fall decorating is the most beautiful year round! I have to tell you - its so inspiring me - I have a few tables & entertainment center that I want to get all decorated now! And I love your shelf...that piece of furniture is beautiful - it would be perfect in my foyer!!! Oh no - something else to add to my "I want" list!

amy said...

so cute, Steph!!! i need you to come and decorate my WHOLE house!!! i LOVE the coffee bean idea... but unfortunately also know of some little hands who would be sure to get ahold of them and put them in their mouths!!! enjoy them because next year at this time your little one might be into exploring the surroundings as well! :)

sheltonfamily said...

It looks just like you... I got my stuff out yesterday even though it is still 85 degrees here! It is by far my favorite time of year. I will have to go by Home Goods cause one just opened right by our house.

Faith said...

It looks so great, Stephanie! I like raffia too. I am loving the arrangement on the pretty! I still haven't gotten my stuff out...I'm just not motivated this year.

I hope you have had a great week!

MiMi said...

Girl, you have really been busy! I love all your decorations -- especially your table arrangement. I would love to do something like that on mine, but Lewis would be up on the table eating the coffee beans or knocking them down all over the place!

I hope that I will be motivated to get my Fall "stuff" out soon. This post should surely help!

Jerbecca said...

Oh- everything looks SO cute! I bet it feels nice and fall like there! It has still been super hot here, but yesterday and today have been about 70 degrees so I broke out my long sleeves!! Fun! I just LOVE fall!
Your colors are so pretty. We are in the process of deciding what color to paint the nursery. Since Tate and baby sis will share, the baby blue isn;t gonna work anymore. I'm thinking a pretty taupe color, but Jeremy says maybe mint green, sinc it can be for a girl or boy, but still looks babyish... While we're in the process, I am trying really hard to convince him to paint our lavender bedroom a neutral like taupe.... He's not liking that idea too much! I wish you were here with your good eye to help me out!!
Have fun fall decorating, and Christmas decorating, and BABY decorating! It's a blast!

petrii said...

Sooooooooooo cute!! I love fall too!! I decorate inside and out!! It looks so nice ~~ and that table, girl that is adorable!!

Love the coffee bean idea ~~ might have to borrow that one :0)

Have a blessed Lord's day,

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I love your decorating! How fun. In a Christian home you can never have too many pumpkins around Halloween time :). Its our best way of decorating without all the creepy demonic stuff like jack-o-lanterns and witches and stuff. And you're right, it can stay longer because it's more of a fall theme than strictly Halloween. You could keep it up through Thanksgiving and start it in like September like you did :). I have too much unpacking to do to worry about decorating for fall right now. lol...check out our blog!

Heather said...

I love those scripture pumpkins! I need to get out my Halloween stuff this week!