Wrapping Up the First Trimester

I went to my 12 week OB appt. today and I can hardly believe it! Where have these first weeks gone?? I was sitting in the waiting room, remembering my last appointment, and realizing that not only was I still pregnant, but this time I was starting to look like it!! The first time we went in, I remember thinking, "what if this is all in my head??" I knew in my heart I was pregnant, but I woke up the morning of that appointment, second guessing everything!! To make matters worse, when they couldn't hear the heartbeat (which is totally common in those first weeks) I really started to panic. My doctor told me not to, but of course I did. Fortunately, they were very sweet to me and they knew my Mother-in-law was visiting, so they squeezed me in for an ultrasound so that we could see that little peanut and watch his/her heartbeat. That day was one of the most amazing days of my life! As we went into the ultrasound room, I had a total flashback to the day I miscarried, when they performed an ultrasound while telling us, "I'm very sorry, we don't see any more signs of the pregnancy." Words I hope to never hear again. Imagine our relief and joy this time around, when we CLEARLY saw signs of pregnancy and watched as that little heart beat over and over again.

I was looking forward to this appointment today, and with good reason. My doctor told me everything looked great, totally normal and when she listened for the heartbeat, she found it! It was fast and strong and possibly the sweetest sound I've ever heard. I just laid there with my eyes closed and teary, listening to that little heart and letting it sink in that our baby is alive and growing in me. Amazing. I wish Trav could have been there for this one, but I know he'll be at the next one. Then, I asked the question I was most terrified of..."How much weight have I gained?" Now I had already prepared myself for a lecture or a gentle reminder of how important it is to "pace oneself" through this journey, because I was sure, after the way I have been eating lately, that it was not going to be good. However, by the grace of God, the news was great! I only gained 4 pounds!! "Perfect" is what my doctor actually said. So in response, I did the only think I knew to do...I celebrated by going to the grocery store and buying more food! Then I came home, ate an entire frozen pizza, a nutty bar, and took a nap. I know, perhaps an overreaction. I probably gained 4 more pounds this afternoon alone!! But hey, a girl's gotta celebrate when she can, right??

In addition to a great morning, I am reveling in this gorgeous weather, and enjoying my Friday off. I took a great nap this afternoon and now I'm sitting in my bed, blogging, and watching Oprah. Yes, I just admitted that. One thing that I have noticed in this pregnancy is how I long to do everything from my bed! I want to eat here, sleep here, blog from here, watch tv here, and talk on the phone here. And, when I wake up in the morning, I start to countdown how many hours until I can return here! I don't know why that is, but it's true. I have always loved our bed and actually we both really like our bedroom. There is something so relaxing about being in my bed that I've hardly spent any time in the rest of our house! We have these big windows in here, that let in so much natural light and of course, I worked hard to design it so that it is a restful place! I'm not sure what Travis thinks about all of this however. He likes our bed too (for obvious reasons) but I'm not sure he wants to spend all our time here, or that he wants me to be doing any eating in here!! But I can't be reasoned with right now. I'm pregnant. Most days I just go with what makes me feel good. And right now, it's doing everything from my bed!!

I'm very happy to be getting my Travy and Ryley back tomorrow. It's been so quiet around here! They have had a great week, catching lots of fish and doing guy things. I don't ask too many questions. I'm just glad he's happy and that he misses me. I have had a fun week, but I always miss Travis when he's gone. Last night I went to a fun party for the premiere of The Office, which did not disappoint!! Can I just say how THRILLED I am that Jim and Pam are finally engaged??? Travis has not seen it, so I know we'll be watching it when he gets home. Tonight, I am headed to my cousins house, with lots of family, for a bonfire and dessert! I have been looking forward to this all week, because I love hanging with my family and I am longing for a cup of hot cider next to the fire! I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Here are some pictures from this past week and from the last few weeks. We continue to be incredibly blessed by our friends and family who keep sending us sweet things and who keep delighting my soul every time I get the mail! Thank you, thank you for making this so fun for us!!

These are my new shoes.  Hello comfort.  I have been noticing my tendency to wear tennis shoes all the time to ease my aching back, so I went searching for some comfy flats that are little better looking than running shoes!  I'm sure my sisters will think these are "mom shoes" or "old lady shoes" but these days, it's comfort over style!!

This is a picture of my night stand and two of the things I cherish.  The first one is that little angel I found holding the baby.  I found it after my miscarriage and it was just one of those things that brought me comfort every time I saw it, still does.  The second is the adorable pregnant lady, that my sweet second Mom, Joan, bought me.  She sent it to me in the mail and when I opened it, I told Travis that I was hoping to get this.  I've loved it for a long time!!

This is a picture of what's on Travis' night stand.  The night that I told him I was pregnant, I bought this for him and gave it to him at the restaurant.  From the first time I saw this years ago, I always knew I wanted to give it to Travis when he became a Dad.  It's so sweet and it just reminds me of the miracle we have waiting for us.  And who doesn't love the sight of a brand new daddy holding his first baby?  Or any baby after that??

This is also what's on the OTHER side of my night stand.  My 3 favorite things.  My prenatal vitamins, my unisom and my tropical tums.  The vitamin always reminds me at night that no matter how I'm feeling, it's ALL WORTH IT!  The unisom has been my favorite thing.  Without it, I am awake several times during the night, starving and going to the bathroom.  With it, I can make it to like 4:30 or 5:00am!  I hate that it's cherry flavored, but that was all they had when I bought it.  My doctor told me I could safely take it, so I'm not arguing.  I like my sleep.  Oh and the tropical tums, you who have been down this road before, know what a lifesaver they are!  And, surprisingly, the tropical ones are actually not too bad!  It's all relative though... 

My friend Lisa, and new mother of 5, gave me this great journal, which we are loving.  It's a daily journal that tells you each day, in great detail, about what's happening with your baby.  We read the entry every night and marvel at what God is doing.  It amazes me that even in those early, early weeks, He is working on the smallest of details and knitting together that little person bit by bit.  It's also fun to pray for all those parts and processes.  Ultimately God is in total control, but I love getting an idea of what He's doing in there!!

I don't know if you can read this, but it says "For this child I prayed."  My Mom and Dad brought it to us when they came a few weeks ago.  I love it.  So simple, sweet, and true.

This is also a precious thing my Mom mailed to me.  It is a book about being a Godly Mom who takes time to nurture her kids at all stages.  But, what makes it so special to me is that she received that book from a friend of hers when she was pregnant with me.  She's held onto it for 28 years, waiting for the time she could pass it along.  I cried when I opened it.  

And of course, they also brought us this awesome Hawkeye pacifier!  I'm pretty sure this one will be reserved for special occasions only!!

Yesterday, I received a fun package from my friend Annette, whom I used to work for.  I was her nanny for her little Olivia (remember the flower girl from Jennie's wedding?) for 2 1/2 years, when we lived in NC and Trav was in seminary.  She has been such a great friend and she sent me this sweet, fleece outfit (which will be well worn in Minnesota)!!  I love it.  It's so soft and cute.  

She also sent me these fun books, which I have been pouring through today.  The girlfriend's guide is one of the funniest books!  It's definitely a much needed laugh and break from all the serious books that make you crazy with worry!  Thanks Annette!!


petrii said...

OH PTL!! I'm do happy that all went well ~~ I remember those early days as well. Enjoy every moment ~~ I so loved being pregnant. My baby is now 16, and still as precious as ever!!

WOW all the gifts are so great and so fun!! Have a Blessed weekend, Dawn

Rebecca Jo said...

Congratulations on making it through your first trimester! You'll start to feel really good the next one around!

And how precious are all your goodies! The book that your mom saved for you - those are the things that are irreplacable!

Look at how much this baby is already loved....awesomeness!

Jerbecca said...

You're kidding me! You can actually take meds for sleeping while pregnant???? WHY has my doctor not told me this?? I think I am going out today to get some.....hehe...
Oh, I am still so overjoyed and happy for you! I can not wait to see pictures of you guys with that little baby!
And I can not wait to meet your little one- and for you to meet Tate- he's amazing! And I am sure his little sis will be too!!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Love all your gifts! No, I don't think they are old lady shoes...I'm all about comfort these days too.

Matt and Jen said...

sorry it's been so long since i've been on your blog. so fun to catch up with what's been going on. there's nothing like the sound of YOUR baby's heartbeat, is there??!!! i'm teary just imagining the joy you're experiencing every moment. your pics are great and i love your captions!!! so when are you going to show us the belly?? (j/k...i know you're not really showing yet). love you friend!!

Heather said...

I LOVE the "Girlfriends' Guide"- it's a GREAT book!
I am so glad to hear the wonderful update! I teared up when I saw those "statues" of the mother/angel holding the baby and the pregnant mother. So blessed are you and Trav!
And BTW- I don't think the frozen pizza and nutty bar are an overreaction at all!!! :)

Kendra said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and I am just so happy for you! Praise the Lord for 12 weeks!! As someone who has also experienced the first ultrasound you describe, I can only imagine how much sweeter the joy must be for you now =-). God is good.
Thanks for sharing your story! It has been such an encouragement to me.