Jackie and Nathan's Wedding

Here are some pictures from the wedding I did last weekend :) Jackie works with Travis at Church, she is the Junior High Associate in Student Ministries.  Nathan has volunteered his time right along side her for 3 years now.  The kids LOVE them and so do we.  They are a very sweet couple and we've been looking forward to their wedding for a long time!  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful ceremony.  I loved doing flowers for them.  
Congratulations Jackie and Nathan!!
Love this shot, our friend Jeff was their photographer, and he did a great job. 
A bridesmaid's bouquet.  Pale blue hydrangeas and white roses with chocolate brown ribbon.
3 Bridesmaid's bouquets and Jackie's bouquet (in the back).
Bridal bouquet.
White mini calla lilies, white roses, and white lisianthus, with white ribbon wrap.
Groom's bout.
Cake topper.
The aisle runner I recently added to my inventory...Thank you Muff!!!  It was gorgeous in there and totally completed "the look" we were going for.  
Dogwood arrangements for the platform.
Our setup in the worship center for the ceremony.  I was very happy with how this turned out.  It's not easy to make HUGE stage look intimate :) 
The big moment every bride dreams about!
The handsome groom, Nathan.
The beautiful bride, Jackie.
The bridal party.  Love those blue dresses, it was a pretty, spring color scheme.
The cake- gorgeous, isn't it??  The scroll work matched the invitations and programs.  I loved it and I was happy with how the cake topper looked.  It was kind of a gamble making this, since I had no idea what the cake was going to look like :) 

And finally, she had nothing to do with this wedding post, but what would a new blog entry be without a picture of Ava??  Her Grandma Texas took this picture and I just love it :) She loves that little bunny!  You can imagine how long it took me to get all those flowers ready for the ceremony, when I HAD to keep taking breaks to feed this girl and kiss her!!  She was sooooo good however, I was very thankful :) 


Rebecca Jo said...

WOW... that is all just beautiful!!! Those flowers are stunning... the aisle runner looks great - fills up the aisle perfectly & the stage looks lovely!

I love the blue with brown dresses!

And always love a picture of little Ava!

Joyce said...

Wow you are really talented! It all looks so lovely.

And your baby is cute too : )

petrii said...

Oh my stars girl, you are talented!!! How beautiful!! And that little Ava Page and her bunny is too too sweet.

Have a Blessed day,

Faith said...

Wow Stephanie!! Those turned out so well. The pictures are just beautiful!!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Wow it looks amazing! Your work is great and I hope I can bring you more business! :) See you tomorrow!!

~Bekah said...

you are definitely a super mom! the flowers are gorgeous and miss ava looks happy as a dead-pig-in-the-sunshine (one of my mom's sayings..haha)!

Amanda Hoyt said...

SOOOO beautiful!!!
You did an awesome job!!!

Jordan said...

You did a great job! They turned out beautiful. Super cute pic of Ava! :)

Gretchen and Jimmy said...

What a beautiful wedding!! I LOVE the flowers!! Absoulutely Gorgeous!!!

Little Ava is soo cute!! :)

DramaCity said...

Did you do the cake and flowers?? Ok...sorry I had to ask. I do cakes...that's why i asked....and little Ava was sure a bonus!!!

Sonya said...

You did a beautiful job! I love the bride's dress. Of course I'm partial since I wore the same dress for my wedding last summer with the red sash! And who can resist that last picture! She gets cuter everyday!

Leanne said...

You are so talented! I love those colors together and always wish I could arrange flowers like that!

Ava is so beautiful!

Take care!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having to produce such lovely flowers, etc. for a friends wedding AND take care of a new baby. The flowers are so beautiful and so is AVA! Peggy

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

You are so talented Steph! :) Love it!

keith sandison said...

Steph, First of all the flowers you did were beautiful. I love the blue and white. Secondly, oh my gosh, Ava is so cute. It makes me want to have a baby so bad. :-) Especially a girl. The flower hat was amazing. I'm so glad your enjoying all this time with her and your parents look like they are just lovin' it. I'm so happy for all of you. Emily Kapanka-Sandison