Ava's First Photo Shoot!

Remember when I told you we were going for Ava's first photo shoot a few weeks ago??  Well I thought you might want to see some of the sweet results!  We had the great privilege of having Ava's first photographs taken by one of my blog friends, Erin.  She is a wonderful Minnesota photographer, whom I did not know until our paths crossed in blog land :) As it turns out, her parents live just 30 seconds from our Church and she grew up in Eden Prairie as well!  She was so gracious to us and very patient with Ava, who was everything but easy that day!  She slept, she cried, she smiled, she screamed, she snorted and she pouted...sometimes she did all those things in just a matter of seconds-I'm talking about Ava by the way, not Erin!  Anyway, we love these photos and will always cherish them because she captured some of our favorite things about Ava in those early days.  Ava was 4 weeks old in these pictures and cute as a button.  If you live in Minnesota and are looking for a photographer, we highly recommend Erin!  Check out her blog and her website to see her work.  Here are some of our favorites from that day....
Who doesn't love a sleeping baby??  I love her little arm hanging down...she was down for the count here.
She's always loved having her arms crossed and tucked in tight to her chest...must have been that way in the womb!  
Her furrowed brow is priceless :) 
Totally at ease with her giant pacifier in her mouth!  I was the same way as a baby, I loved my pacifier :) I think she looks like my Dad in this photo.
I love this profile shot because it captures those forehead wrinkles perfectly!
She's so long and lanky!
Little miss expressive :) Classic Ava.
10 tiny toes.
One of my favorites.
I love her head in my hands, someday I'll remember how tiny she was when I see this photo.
One of my favorite looks of her' serious :) 
The apple of our eye...and finally asleep after a big meltdown :) 
L-O-V-E this one, always will.
She's already got her Daddy wrapped around her little fingers :) 
What a little honey she is :) 


Rebecca Jo said...

They are ALL fantastic! I love how red her hair looks in the "family" shot!!! She looks like she's smiling up at you too!

I also like the black & white shot of you all looking down at her... she's just grinning like "Yeah, they love me"

So glad you got these - she'll be so grown in no time!

Toni :O) said...

Goodness...she's so sweet....great photos.

LyndsAU said...

GREAT pics! She is just adorable and gorgeous :) All that cute!

Jordan said...

I have no idea how you will choose which ones! They're all precious and she looks adorable in each one! =]

Heather said...

Steph- These are fantastic! I have scheduled Avery Kate for her first photo shoot...can't wait!
Praying blessings for the three of you this weekend!

Leanne said...


Faith said...

These are all so precious! Love the wrinkled forehead one...reminds me so much of Emma when she was a baby =)

Thanks for sharing these with us!

Erin said...

So cute! You picked my favorites!! Did you decide what one you will use for your announcements?!?!

mrs shortcake said...

She looks so much like her daddy!

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Erin is one of my RLF and she is great! She takes great pictures too!