Water Park of America (x2)

Would you like to know who went swimming for the first time??
Yep, this little peanut did!
Over the summer months, Travis likes to "change up" his wednesday nights with the junior highers and get off campus to some fun places around the cities.  This week he planned a night at Water Park of America, an indoor water park here that we really like and we thought it would be a great time to introduce Ava to the world of swimming :) As you can see by the relatively calm look on her face, she loved it!  In fact, she loved it so much, that we took advantage of the 24 hours wrist bands and went back with her today!  These are definitely the times that I LOVE the perks of being married to a youth Pastor!  Free fun, two days in a row!  
We have done lots of nights at this water park, but we've never experienced it as parents, until now.  I remembered that the kids splash zone was cool, but I forgot how cool it was :) It will be lots of fun for Ava as she gets older.  It's so nice to take her indoors and not have to worry about the sun or the heat.  Daddy wanted to be the one to take her in for the first time.
He tested her by putting her foot in a fountain, which seemed to go well.  Lucky for us, they keep this water park hot and the water incredibly warm, almost like bath water.  That is a great thing for little ones (and big ones in the dead of winter too!).
After the foot test went well, we graduated on to the sitting pose :) Also a hit.
I wanted in on the memory too and needed a picture with my baby in her cute swimming suit...that was way too big for her!  I had to tie up the straps so it would stay on :)
Naturally, she loved standing in water as much as she does anywhere.
Standing?  Playing with my hair??
It's all just so overwhelming :) 
Daddy, do you think I'm big enough for the big pool, or do I have to stay in this kiddie pool??
On to the big pool it is! 
And once again, the tiniest little girl in the park, had a great time in the water.
She even kicked those little legs and waved her arms in delight for us :) For the record, we took her around the lazy river also, which was a hit for all of us.  I was so incredibly surprised at how well she did.  No tears, no near-accidents, no looks of "why are you people torturing me?"
Just lots of old-fashioned, exhaustive fun.
Oh, and some really, really amazing pool hair.  
So Ava, did you love the waterpark??  We'll take this as a "YES!"


Heather H. said...

I LOVE the pics! I wish i would have remembered my camera tonight but i forgot it in the van! It was Elli's first time in the pool Too! ( we went to Lifetime!) We had a blast as it looks like you did too!!!

Jenny said...

LOVE those pictures!! She is just adorable.

MELISSA said...

this is just precious!

Heather said...

SO FUN! I love waterparks and love taking Connor! Hopefully AK will love it like Ava! I love her "pool hair" and that swimsuit is so cute! BTW- You look amazing...I am thinking it might be next summer before I am able to be "swimsuit ready!"
Hey Steph- I have been doing some internet research and reading my baby books and I really think Avery Kate is having some colic-like symptoms. It is TOUGH. I know Ava had a little of this a while back...if you have time would you e-mail me at and give me any advice, tips, etc. that you have. I hate seeing my sweet girl hurting. Tomorrow I am eliminating milk and dairy to see if that helps! Say a prayer for us!

Nicole Fuchs said...

Isn't swimming the best? It has saved my sanity (as a mum) so many times. My babies go there almost every day. Here are videos of my 2 month old
and 2 year old
under water


Rebecca Jo said...

She's not even upset at all... you can tell she's just intrigued with it all... you're going to have lots of visits to this place - I can tell!!!

Toni :O) said...

Looks like loads of fun. We LOVE waterparks and hope to enjoy a couple on vacation in a week or so. Loved her wild hair cute!

Faith said...

Looks like lots of fun!!

PinkNote said...

hello there! you have a very angelic baby there.=)

btw, got you a couple of awards in my blog.=) hope you can grab it soon.^^