Packing, Cleaning, and Doing Laundry!

I told Ava this morning that she was going to visit the Kennedy's today and this is what she thought about it...
She loved the idea!

We are busy getting ready to go out of town next week for Family Camp with our church.  It should be a fun week, although it does involve a little bit of work too.  We are in charge of the Junior High group of kids, but only during a few hours of programming each day.  We get to do fun stuff with them like mini golfing, go-karting, trips to Dairy Queen, trips to the local coffee shop, and a trip to the local movie theater to see whatever is appropriate for a junior higher :) Probably the movie "Up", which we've heard is a great movie.  It really is a great gig because we get to be together all week "working" and we get to spend time with lots of people we love from our church.  Also, it means a whole week of no cooking or cleaning for me!  You've got to love that :)  

However, because we are now a family of 3, that does add a level of complication to the whole thing.  I have been working my tail off for the last few days, packing, shopping, doing laundry and cleaning in order to pull this off.  Our car will be packed to the roof-top again between our stuff and her's, but we love family camp and we know we will have a wonderful time.  It's weeks like these that make me very thankful for Trav's job.  Being paid to have "family time" and to hang out with people, is a blessing.  We have made some sweet friendships from this group and some fun memories too.  

Travis is gone coaching his soccer team in a tournament today, so my cousin Robyn and her family watched Ava for me this morning so I could get a few more things crossed off my list.  Thankfully she is sleeping now, so I better run and do what I can before she's awake!  Have a wonderful Saturday!!  


Heather said...

This might be her cutest picture yet...although I say that almost every post!!! Love her bow and that smile!!!
Have a great time at camp!

petrii said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! Don't you just love jr. higher's ~~ they're energy is contagious.

These pics of Ava are adorable.

Have a Blessed week adn happy packing,

Anonymous said...

This is the first chance I've had to sit down in about 3 weeks. Ava looks so cute in her big bow and swim suit too. What a good baby to sleep so long!! Glad you guys are getting to enjoy her and participate in the events at church too. Take care, you're in our prayers. Love you, Peggy & Ron