Life on the Beach! (Part One)

Because it was a little cold at the beginning of the week, we didn't quite get the beach experience that we were planning on, but it didn't stop us from soaking up the beauty of the gulf and its' beaches!
We took a trip to the Naples Pier on a windy, cloudy day. 
Travy and I have lots of memories from this pier. 
We hung out here with friends a lot while we lived in Naples.
Poor Ava, she had to be bundled up everywhere we went!  I should have brought her winter coat and hat with us, but it seemed so wrong to take that to Florida!
She was a trooper in her stroller.
She squealed when we saw this pelican, just inches from us on the dock.  I think she scared it. 
She didn't quite know what to make of a large bird in her face.  I can't blame her. 
Never thought I'd be in a sweatshirt most of the week!  We both bought sweatshirts when we arrived because we didn't pack any and we were so cold :)
Dave, all of my bird pictures are for you!
Ava's first trip to the ocean demanded a "name in the sand" opportunity!
Later in the week, we took an early morning walk to another beach, this one on Marco Island. 
The picture taking resumed.
Gorgeous view of the island.
Grandpa's girl. 
I don't know who loves the water more!
Grandpa, Grandma and Ava on a bright, sunny morning in Marco.
Love of my life.
Family shot.
There's nothing like being at the beach in your jammies! 
It was so fun to introduce Miss Ava to all of these new sights and sounds.  She was mesmerized all week, curiously taking everything in.  Next time we take her, hopefully she'll be able to have less clothes on and more swimwear.  But, no matter the weather, there is nothing like the unparalled beauty of the ocean.  Fortunately for us, we did get one more opportunity to go to a third beach, later in the week and it was much warmer.  I'll show you those pictures tomorrow!  For now, I'm barely able to keep my eyes open, so I'm off to bed.  If I close my eyes and think really hard, I can almost hear those waves crashing into the sand again...


Amy said...

Looks like you all had a great vacation to Florida :-) Ava looked like she loved it down there :-)

Jesse said...

Wish we could see more of Ava in her swimwear but who can deny she looks just as cute all bundled up in her stroller. Hopefully she's a trooper in her stroller when we're home because I plan on taking her and Riley on many walks (if her mommy lets me and if it's not snowing)!

Faith said...

I love the beach too and love these pics of your trip!

petrii said...

Oh how fun!! Y'all are so cute!!! I love all the pics. Little Miss Ava is just a doll baby.

Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Have a Blessed day,

mamutyme said...

Hi Steph!

We had similar experiences on Sanibel Island!! Mark invested in A LOT of hooded "Sanibel" sweatshirts. Also, the normally heated pool was cold the first 2 days due to massive amounts of rain on Friday before we got there. Thankfully the vacation ended on a warm note....looks like yours did too. :)