Life on Marco Island (Part Two)

Thanks to a dear family in our Church, we were blessed to stay at a beautiful condo on Marco Island for the week.  Although they have experienced their coldest winter in 30 years (of course!!) it was still such a gorgeous place to be and we enjoyed it so much.
This was our view from our balcony...Not a bad sight to wake up to!!
A view down the coastline from their property.
We stayed here.
What a beautiful sight to see some blooming hibiscus, after a long Minnesota winter!
And of course, who doesn't love a palm tree??
Ava took all the sights in everywhere we went.
And she stood at the sliding glass doors and watched everything outside most days.
Their balcony was a perfect (although cold) spot for a great read or a cup of coffee.  
Grandma and Ava, all bundled up watching the fishermen on the dock.
Travis and my Dad spent some considerable time on the docks fishing and they both caught quite a few fish.  
Jesse Brass, this picture is all for YOU!!  Syrup and the ocean, your two favorite things :) Besides my sister of course!
Another palm with the ocean in the background.
And more red hibiscus.
A gorgeous fountain in one of the entryways on the property.
The pool!  Which unfortunately didn't see much action all week.
But we did salvage one sunny opportunity one afternoon.  
And for 10 minutes, Ava swam like a madwoman!  She loves the water!
All of the older residents at the pool got the biggest kick out of her because she was talking, splashing, kicking and grinning the whole time!
Sporting her sunglasses for about 30 seconds :) 
Look at that little sweetie in her new suit!  Can't wait to have her in it more this summer....

We loved Marco and had a great time there.  We ate at some great restaurants, took some long walks, and enjoyed the opportunity to just relax in a beautiful setting.  It was as a vacation should be!  


Rebecca Jo said...

The syrup picture totally made me laugh!

Glad there was some pool time! Ava has always loved her swimming, hasnt she? You all have trained her well - she's going to be the next big Olympic swimmer in the future!!! ;)

Jesse said...

Stephanie Lynn,

1) Coldest winter in 30 years...think of it as a tribute to your birthday?

2) Perhaps my favorite picture I've taken is of a hibiscus (of course I didn't know that's what it was called). I took it on our honeymoon in Sanibel. I printed the picture out (16x20") a couple years back and it has been in our bathrooms ever since. It will be on display in a new blog feature in the coming weeks.

3) I have given up waffles & syrup for several months now. Now it's Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts!! You have to try them! (Stace hates that I eat them and tries to tell me when I can/can't have them). But I am more than honored you would think of me and my awful eating habits while on vacation in Florida!

4) Thanks for the new pictures - Ava is now on my background at work :)

Joyce said...

Did you go to The Snook Inn? I don't even know if its still there but we used to like it.

Looking at your pictures makes me want to go back. We stayed in a condo one daughter was not quite 3 and she kept referring to it as 'the stadium'...we still laugh about that. We also stayed in the Marriott a few times...I could move in to the Marco Island Marriott : )

Love the little swimsuit!

Toni :O) said...

Love Ava's bathing daughter has the bikini and flip flops to match from Gymboree! Such a beautiful vacation spot! I just read up on Orlando and it will be sunny and 77 when we arrive next Friday, can't wait...woot woot!