When All Else Fails...

Write something.

Apparently blogger doesn't like my attempt to upload any photos today, so at the risk of my sanity, I'm going to stop trying.  Lord knows I've spent enough time on it already.  Instead, I'll just give you the most random list of things going on in my head and call that good enough for a Monday :)

-It's beautiful here.  Really, really nice.  The sun has been shining like everyday, the temps are on the rise and there is grass sprouting up all around the metro.  There is NOTHING like the hope of Spring to make all those bad winter memories go away.

-Ava is in a phase that I'm currently loving.  She is getting so independent and spending a lot of time exploring around the house and playing on her own.  It's really nice.  Not only does it give me a few minutes to get things done, but it's also so sweet to watch her play.  Today I stood in our bedroom doorway and watched my "baby" talk to herself and amuse herself for quite awhile.  It was precious and a tiny bit sentimental.  She's growing up.  BUT, what I really like about this phase is that while it's true she's able to entertain herself now, she still breaks out into a huge grin when she sees me and makes an immediate beeline to be with me.  And I secretly love it!!  That part makes my heart swell, no matter how much longer it takes me to do the laundry!

-I'm kind of sad that this is indeed the last season of 24.  After resisting it all these years, I finally gave in and have dedicated our Monday nights to watching it with Trav.  It bums me out that we only have until May to do that.  It's really, really good.  I guess the only redeeming thing is that we have 8 previous seasons we've never seen, so we should have plenty of catching up to do!  I did hear that they are making a movie about it however, so that will be fun to go to!

-Speaking of movies, we bought the Blind Side this weekend and watched it again.  Not a great idea for an emotional pregnant woman!  I basically cried through the whole thing...It is the BEST movie!  I just can't stop thinking about it.  I even looked over at one point to see tears streaming down someone else's face (I won't name names).  It's just such a good message about reaching out to love someone who needs  it.  Makes me want to take a few kids in!  I just have no idea where we'd put them :)

-I'm on a mission to find a cute Easter basket and some little things to put in it for Ava.  It appears that would have been a good idea a few weeks ago.  I'm running into lots of picked over stores and not finding what I was hoping for.  Note to self, next year, start much earlier!

-In a moment of pure Mommy bliss, I spent some time online this morning ordering cute things for Ava's first birthday.  We are doing a lady bug theme and I wanted to cry over all the little things I found! I can't believe she's almost one!!  She's going to be a well-celebrated girl, as there are currently 3 parties being planned around the big event!  I can't wait though.  I know she'll never remember it, but there is something so fun about creating a special day and memory for your child.  I didn't know how that felt until I became a parent.  My heart wants to burst over her :) My wallet wants to as well.  Good thing I have some common sense to reign it in!

-I am officially exhibiting some of my classic signs of pregnancy.  With Ava, I woke up every single night at 3:15 am to go to the bathroom.  With this baby, I wake up every night at 4:30 am to go.  Just like clockwork.  It's crazy.  I also find myself in the kitchen sometimes, eating a small bowl of cereal in the middle of the night.  I keep waking up hungry and craving Special K with ICE COLD milk.  It becomes so strong that I have to get up and satisfy it :) I'm also getting heartburn with everything I put in my mouth.  Tums are once again making their appearance in my purse and getting me through the day.  Just like last time, I crave anything that's fresh.  Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and salads.  I can't get enough!  I'm trying to be good about keeping my diet balanced, but those are the three things I consistently want.

-I know this is riveting, but I'm afraid I need to wrap it up so I can catch a quick nap before the rest of the night begins. Maybe I'll try the photos tomorrow!  Have a great Monday night!!


Kaycee said...

Oh I LOVE the Blindside! I wish I had the nerve to be that Mom. That's what I think every time I see it. I just want to go find all the kids without a home and take them in. I want to be that brave.

Heather said...

I loved this post...makes me realize how alike we are!!! Hey- I have been working on Avery Kate's b-day stuff, too, and would LOVE for you to pass along any good online sites/stores where you have found cute stuff!!! You have such great taste and are so good at this stuff!!! Thanks, Steph!

The Martins said...

oh doing the pregnancy thing all over excited for you!! thankful its not me! ha! my sister is headed your way. i think they are moving in on wed. i guess i'll be up there at some point so we will definitely have to meet up!

petrii said...

Okay so I haven't seen The Blind Side. I know!! I really need to get on the ball. But I did see Alice in Wonderland with Dak last week while he was on Spring Break and it was some good creepy fun =) It was actually really cool in 3-D. The new 3-D movies are GREAT!!! Not like the old ones. anyway....

That is so funny that you are craving cereal in the middle of the night. It sounds like you are craving healthy things. You go girl!!

Have a Blessed evening,