What a wonderful vacation we had!
Marco Island was beautiful, although much colder than we would have preferred!  It was a great week of relaxing, soaking up as much sun as we could get and eating some fantastic seafood!  Just like a trip to Florida should be :) 
We took Ava to the beach and to the pool, but because it was so cold we only got to do it for a few minutes at a time.  That was a bummer.  No laying out for us!  But she was a trooper and loved all of it anyway.  
In addition to Travis and I, my parents were with us, so you can imagine she was never short on attention!
We had a great week and I have hundreds of pictures to pour through.  
But after a very long day of travel yesterday, today we are taking it easy at home and trying to recover.  We've got a baby who is on east coast time and two parents who are not!!  Might be a long couple of days...

I will post more pics tonight and fill you in on our very eventful week.  Hope you all are doing well!  I've got lots of blogs to catch up on today!  

Oh, an in case you didn't notice, I got rid of the falling snow on my blog because I'm happy to say we are now snow-free in Minnesota!!  Praise the Lord!  It's actually sunny here and even warm.  Great weather to come home too...

Happy Tuesday!!


~Bekah said...

awww i'm so glad you are home safe and sound! shelby has that same polka dot fuzzy blanket! Her uncle bear (my brother) gave it to her and SHE WILL NOT take a nap at daycare or sleep when we travel, without it. :) lol....sorry the south wasn't warm for ya :( it's been bitter cold here also and even SNOWED ALL WEEKEND!

Joyce said...

Marco Island is one of my favorite places in the world. We've had so many happy family trips there. Sorry the weather wasn't warmer but the beach is always nice...welcome back!

Toni :O) said...

Welcome home! Looks beautiful down there. I'm sure hoping Florida weather turns around and gets warm...we're headed there April 2nd to visit Mickey Mouse for a week!

Rachel said...

Love the pictures from your trip. My brother-in-law recently started a church in Naples. The sending church was on Marco Island. It sure is gorgeous there!!