Family Storytime

Tonight we were skyping with my parents when this sweet scene unfolded...
We sure do have a little reader on our hands :)
And thanks to some sweet friends of ours, we have a great new reading to chair to enjoy!  Isn't that cute?  We just love it and even better, so do the kids :)
Well, usually Carter is a little more enthusiastic but unfortunately, we have a little guy with some sore legs on our hands.
Poor Carter had to get his 4 month shots today and he was a little under the weather tonight. 
Can you tell?  
I'm starting to think Ava's love languages are quality time and books :)
And who knows what Carter's love languages will be? 
Right now, hugs, kisses and smiles will do :)
Here's hoping his smile will be back tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

oh that chair is so awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ronald L. Duvall said...

Poor baby thighs. Give them some kisses from us.