Valentine's Fun!

I've been debating about whether to show you this because it might be telling. 
A little more telling than I'm willing to admit, but here goes. 
This is our "winter" tree :)
It's currently up in our living room and this is exactly what it looks like. 
Unfortunately, my little point and shoot camera does not do it ANY justice, it's much cuter in person.
But I feel like I need to explain...
When Christmas ended, and it was time to take down the tree, Travis and I were both dragging our feet.  We love Christmas and we love our tree.  We were ready to part with all the red decorations that invaded our living room, but something about taking down the soft glow of the tree, bummed us out.  So we stripped it of all its decorations and left it up anyway.  Because occasionally, we're rebellious like that :)
And then one day, I found this little sign that I bought last year, a glittery "Let It Snow" sign.  And it was snowing when I found it, so I thought, maybe I should put that on the tree?  But the tree was so barren and green and my little sign stuck out.  So then, I stumbled across these white cherry blossom branches, that I often use for my wedding business.  But on that day, I had an idea...What if I also put those on the tree?? 
I felt like I was drinking crazy kool-aid, but I did it anyway and as soon as I put them on the tree, I loved it!  And so did Trav.  The little blossoms look like snow and I love the twisty branches coming out of the tree. 

As I've stared at that tree for over a month now, I've been keeping a mental list of what I'll do differently next year.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to do a winter tree again, (it's such a nice way to ease into the loooooong winter here!) but I'm going to look for more twigs, a little nest, some big, white pinecones...don't you think that will be so cute???  I don't always turn the lights on, it's just as pretty without them, but at night...a glowing tree is seriously so warming to us.  And Heaven knows we need anything that's "warming" to get us through the winter! 

Ok, I know at this point you are wondering, "why is this titled Valentine's Fun???"  I'm getting to that!  I just had to justify myself and my tree first :)

Imagine my delight, when I opened a Valentine's Day package this afternoon, that contained a little dose of sunshine...
Staring at me in that package, was the most darling little BIRDIE!! 
And hanging from that birdies' mouth, was a sweet little "C" 
With love for Carter, from his Nana and Papa :)
 And then there was a second little birdie...
With love for Ava, from her Nana and Papa.
Are those not the sweetest, handmade valentines you have EVER seen???  Oh my goodness.  I just love them!  And since my children are both napping, they haven't even seen them yet, but I know they'll love them too! 
So now I have two, spring-colored, love birds hanging from my tree!  Which got me thinking, maybe my "winter" tree should morph into a "spring" tree, just to help brighten our moods??  This is the month when winter gets hard.  And long.  So anything to distract us from that, is always welcome!  But, you have my word, that tree WILL come down!  I promise.  By mid-March, I think I'll be ready :) Don't you think a little color to go with my new birds would be fun??
So I do have more "traditional" valentines' decorations up :) Like these window clings!  I couldn't wait to have kids so I could buy these!  Ha Ha.  Ava loves them, but so do I.
And I found this fun heart garland recently...
...and some fun placemats...
...a finger-print covered picture frame... candles...
...and a picture of the cutest little valentines I know!
I'm plotting and planning about how we'll celebrate on Monday and you know everything in me wants to make some more cookies!!  But, I've burned Travis, my neighbors, and my Bible study group out with these cookies :) So, I'll be doing something else to express my love! 

I'm trying to embrace all of these holidays and fun days for our kids, but also because I love them too.  Travis and I are equally as sentimental, although don't tell him I said that :) We are going to be able to go out on a date and I'm very grateful that after 8 years, I love my true valentine more than ever. 

What do you like to do at your house??  Any fun traditions or memories you enjoy each year?


Charlie and Manda said...

OH PHEW! We're not the only ones. The ONLY reason our tree (finally) came down is because we hosted a super bowl party... it had to come down. We were loving the warmness it brings too... so glad we aren't alone in packing up the cmas season. LOL! enjoy- great idea. my parents do that too sometimes

Mom2One said...

You're def not the only one who has a hard time parting with the Christmas tree...... Great V-day deco. I'm thinking we're going to make cookies Monday!!! =)

Peggy & Ron said...

Well, I'm glad those birdies found a new home. They must feel right at home. I loved making them and can't wait to do an applique quilt with them.

Darla said...

Stephanie, I love how festive you are and that you dress your home for the seasons and holidays. I admire your ability to make your home such a warm and beautiful place to be...all year round.

petrii said...

I love your winter tree, although there is NO way that would happen here. After CHRISTmas we are always ready for the tree and decoations to come down. But I DO LOVE what you have done with yours and those valentines are the sweetest things. Did your mom make those? I'd LOVE to have the pattern.

I love all your decorations. So sweet.

Have a Blessed weekend,