Things I Do Not Have Time For

I am still here, but I am having an incredibly busy/stressful week.  Why you ask?  Because I am leaving on my anuual scrapbook retreat this weekend and for some reason, I choose to leave 90% of my prep for the week before, EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. 
Why, Stephanie, Why????
The problem with that decision is that my normal life never quite slows down enough to compensate for all of the extra scrapbooking work required! 
This was my kitchen table all afternoon yesterday, when I devoted hours to organizing and filing my taxes for my wedding business.  Because of course, they are due on Monday. You know, the day after my weekend away. Fun, fun.  It's amazing how much paperwork is involved in maintaining a VERY small business!  I can't imagine dealing with a large one...every year at this time I wonder, "Why do I keep doing this???"  Espeically when my profit is staring me in the face and it doesn't seem like it's worth all the work???  Oh well, they're done and that's the good news!
On Monday, I put Ava down for a nap, completely overwhelmed and therefore paralyzed about what I needed to get done.  So naturally, I decided to bake. 
Seriously???  Why, Stephanie, why???
I'm afraid I might be obsessed with sugar cookies.  I love them and I love decorating them. 
But they are no quick feat.  They require hours of work.  And that's just the decorating!  Fortunately I baked these several days ago and froze them to keep them fresh.  On Monday I just iced them. 
And then realized, I just gave myself 2 dozen reasons to avoid my to-do list.
Not to mention, plenty of sugar to tempt me.
So we delivered lots of them to several of our neighbors.
Which was an event in itself.
And I accomplished nothing regarding my scrapbook that day.
I don't know what it is, but when I have a lot to do, sometimes I rise to the occasion and tackle it head on, but sometimes I just feel like doing this instead.
You know, just hang out and chill, without a care in the world.
Carter knows what I'm talking about :)
Yesterday I did accomplish most of the laundry and today I hope to actually get my pictures organized.  That's a start.  But I'm also forming a last minute, "priority" to-do list because really, tomorrow is my last day to prep.
I leave on Friday. 
Yikes.  I will most likely be pulling an all-nighter.  Or at least staying up past 10. 
 So, does anybody feel like some scones??? 
NOOOOOO Stephanie!!  Don't do it!!
Seriously, stick to the list. You don't have time for scones.
Netflix anyone?? 


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I can relate! For some reason I ALWAYS want to bake when I have a major project to do!

Heather said...

Those cookies look DELISH!!! I hope you have a GREAT time at "scrap camp!!" :)

SM Anderson said...

Okay Stephanie, I wish I was your neighbor. Those cookies look fantastic and I know just how good they taste. Good luck getting everything organized tomorrow. I am envious of your scrapbooking weekend. I have heard they are so much fun and you get so much done. I just get excited when I get to go for a WHOLE day. If you need someone to love on your kids for a bit tomorrow let Jack and I know!

Charlie and Manda said...

cheers girlfriend

Anonymous said...

The cookies look AMAZING! Can you post the recipe please? The icing too? Thanks :)