Happy Mother's Day!

My cup runneth over...
...precious baby boy...
...handsome Daddy and husband...
...spunky little sweetheart... forming friends, for life...
...longer days, warmer weather...
...the long march home, after a night enjoyed together. 

I have many, many blessings to remember this year. 
Celebrating Mother's Day for me, is celebrating the everyday joys that fill my heart with gratitude. 
Two little cuties, climbing in our bed to greet the day; fresh air and the warmth of the sun streaming in our windows all day; afternoons that are quiet with sleeping children and time carved out for Travis and I; dinner fresh off the grill; a long walk and playtime at the neighborhood park; and books, prayers and kisses on top of two, freshly cleaned heads. 

Everything I've always wanted. 
More than I deserve.
Daily doses of grace from my Heavenly Father.

It's a very happy day, a day to celebrate the privilege of motherhood and the new mercies He bestows each and everyday. 

Grateful to be a Mom.  Grateful to be loved by the world's best Mom. 
And grateful to know and love many sweet Moms along the way. 

Happy Mother's Day!


Ron and Peggy said...

Happy Mother's Day

Darla said...

What a blessing you are to those two sweet kiddos.