Fresh Air

Yes, we just *might* be getting over this stomach bug.
We managed to get out yesterday and today for a walk and I must tell you, I've never been so thankful for the opportunity!  I HATE having sick babies.  It's the worst.  Your heart is breaking because they don't feel well and they don't understand what's happening and yet, after days on end of this, your patience is almost non-existant and your energy level is...low.   BUT, some fresh air and some sunshine breathed a little life into our sails and hopefully, a little health into these little bodies. 
 Can you even stand that little grin on Carty's face??
I almost hate to say it, for fear of jinxing it, but I think Carter is *better* and maybe even over the whole thing.  Unfortunately, Ava is a few days behind him.  She's still not her normal self.  We're just barely keeping food in her, even this morning she woke up with some bananas in her hair...poor baby :(  BUT, the only thing that has been good about this week, is all the cuddle time my normally wild girl is giving me.  With the exception of a few minutes of playtime, mostly she just wants me to hold her or lay on the couch and watch Tangled.  Which we've now done 8 times since Sunday.  I know the words to every song and most of the dialogue, but it's a good thing it's a cute movie and it makes her little heart so happy.  I did manage to sneak Beauty and the Beast into the rotation, which is my favorite Disney movie of all time, but Repunzel still holds her heart :)

So, fingers crossed, we're on the mend over here.
Tomorrow these babies are in Daddy's hands while I work all day on this wedding!  I will be such a relieved woman when this thing is over and I can relax again.  Well, probably do more laundry and put our lives back together first, but eventually, relax! 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great Memorial Day weekend! 
Here's hoping we're germ free to enjoy it!


Jesse said...

Just to be my typical numbering, scientist/nerd self...

1) It better not be cold when we're there to the point that the little ones need blankets and coats to go on a walk!

2) I will be taking them on a walk in the stroller - count on that!

3) Any plans for your date with Pastor Armstrong next Saturday??

4) My security word to post this comment was "amenfi"...just so you know. Look, I'm just sayin'!

5) See y'all in a week!! :)

Toni :O) said...

Oh my, what a drag!!! I've had weeks like that though and they are absolutely exhausting! I chuckled at Tangled and that you watched it 8 times in less than a week, sounds like when we watched Shrek four times in a weekend when our little guy was ill. Tangled is awesome though, I LOVE that movie so much and so does my daughter. Here's hoping your wedding goes really smoothly for you and that everyone is back on the mend.

Ron and Peggy said...

Wow! Carter has had a long bout. And Ava arrived home with it. You'd think it would've hit her sooner if it's the same thing Carter has. SO sad to be sick and be 6 mos. or 2 yrs. old. Get well sweeties!