50 Years and Counting

While we were still in Iowa, we had a special treat when lots of family descended on my hometown in order to come celebrate my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary at an open house.  
 Ava and Carter were thrilled and confused when all of my cousins and their families from Minnesota showed up at my parent's house as they thought they'd need to "introduce the cousins" to Grammy and Grampy!  We had to reassure them that actually they already knew each other, for many years in fact before Ava and Carter ever existed :) So funny to try and explain that to kids! 
 It was also fun for Stace to be in town so she could see everyone too.
We hung out at my parent's house and all got caught up with our Aunt Sally, who flew in from Colorado for the occasion too!  It's been awhile since we've been able to have a little mini reunion and although we were missing the rest of our Colorado fam, it was still super fun to be together.  
 My Mom worked hard in advance to pull this all together and then when my sisters and I got home, we helped her set up and bring it all together the night before. 
 It was an afternoon open house so we served coffee, punch and desserts.
 So many yummy and beautiful desserts! 

 My Mom DIY'd these adorable glasses with rhinestones for Kay and Jim!  So cute! 
The littlest boys came too, one asleep and one ready to mingle!
 Although they had no idea what was happening, we were all thrilled to have them with us.  I wish my grandparents were still alive to see how our family has expanded and grown over the years.  Someday in Heaven they'll get their arms around all their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids! 
 Carter was thrilled to see Sawyer arrive! 
 And Ava was all smiles to see the Lowe's!
 My Mom and my two Aunts. 
 We had a great time welcoming family and friends of my aunt and uncle that afternoon to celebrate!
 My Uncle Jim and Aunt Kay with my kids and I.  They have faced so many hurdles and challenges in their lives and over the course of their marriage, but they have stayed faithful and committed to each other and I am grateful for that legacy in our family.  All of my life Jim and Kay have been a part of it and have supported everything my sisters and I have done.  We grew up the nearest to them and they always enjoy it when we are home and they can see us.  It was so fun to surprise them this time and do something special for them. 
 It was also sweet to see so many family friends that day, including my best friend and her kiddos! 
 It's so fun and crazy that we have 6 kids between us, so many of them little blondes! This was a feat to try and get a photo together but I loved that we tried. 
 We live in different states so it was fun to connect for a little bit in person and especially to introduce Amber to Walker.  I didn't know I'd get to see her and her family so it was a special treat! 
 Hoping to celebrate 50 years of my own someday with their Daddy! 
 My sisters and I managed to get a picture together while we were all showered!  Most our week we were pretty relaxed and casual, as in just out of bed casual :) Life is very different now that there are so many little ones in the picture.  I'm glad we got one decent pic at least!
Love my girl!  Ava caught wind of our photo-op and wanted in too, I was very happy to oblige!
It was a fun day!

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