Whole Again

The highlight of our week was on Monday night, when after 12 days of being apart, Trav arrived at my parent's house from Peru.  To say we were thrilled was a major understatement.  To say he was thrilled was also an understatement!  That's a long time to be apart and we were all over it.  I was so happy to be outside with my camera when he pulled in the driveway so that I could capture some of the sweetest moments below, through tears of joy, of course...
 Can't you just hear the squealing now???
Daddy's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the heart melter, isn't it??  Nothing like getting Daddy back and squeezing tight!
I love this one too, we all missed Trav, but I think Carter especially missed his Daddy.  Little boys need their Daddies for all sorts of mischief!  My Dad did a great job filling in, but I know Carter was aching for Daddy and once he got his hands on Trav, he didn't stop touching him and holding on to him for days.  
 Bear hugs all around!
 After 12 days apart, there was a lot to say!  Carter and Ava talked for a mile a minute the rest of the night.  I told Trav to be prepared for an onslaught of words and hugs, also a million requests to play! 
Once he had a break in the action, he made a beeline for this little guy too.
I knew he would think he was much bigger and sure enough, that's exactly what he said.  

Although we survived, there were many, many times when I wished I could hand Walker to Daddy, particularly between the hours of 2am-7am!  It was so nice to actually know my helper was back. 

I love these.
Walker had to get reacquainted, too!

 So precious!  Daddy and his kids.  
Walker kills me here! 

 We had such a perfect night to enjoy together before it was time for bed.  

Although we had so much help and lots of time with my family, there is just nothing like being together again to make all of us feel better.  We definitely had fun in Iowa and Trav had a great trip in Peru, but this is when my heart beats the strongest.  When all my peeps are together and we don't have to say goodbye.  
I am so thankful for this little family God has given us! 
And so thankful for my husband especially.  
I don't care to ever do 12 nights alone with a newborn, again!  I have such respect for single moms (and dads), military spouses or anyone who has a traveling spouse.  It's not easy carrying the load at home but one day at time is how you survive it I think.  I'm glad we made it and so glad it's over.  All of us have enjoyed the sight, and presence and availability of Daddy this week.  Something I take for granted for sure! 
Trav also brought these cute little t-shirts home for the kids and they loved them.  Ava immediately ran to find "shorts that matched it" so she could wear it on our walk around the block!  Ha ha! 
She is her mother's daughter  :) 

I am most thankful for the many prayers and texts and calls from friends and family who checked in with us and prayed for Trav's safe return.  It's a beautiful thing to know you are loved and we felt very loved.  So thank you.  I am very glad to be whole again now that my family is all under the same crazy, crowded and chaotic roof!  As it turns out, that's just how I prefer life right now...

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