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We entered a brand new phase with our first born on Saturday, one that we have been thinking about and looking forward to for a long time!  For the last few years, well even when she was born, Travis and I have wondered if we'd have kids who loved sports as much as the two of us do.  We have tried to keep our expectations in check and remind ourselves that no matter how much we love sports, our kids might not and we need to be OK with it.  But secretly I think we've both hoped they'd follow in our footsteps and play something!  Anything! 
Before Trav left for Peru, we realized Ava could join a local youth soccer league for just a short season this Fall, which was perfect, so we asked her if she wanted to (she did) and we signed her up!  We've all been looking forward to it beginning, especially Miss Ava, and on Saturday our wait was finally over.  
She and I made a trip to the store to pick up some gear for her and she couldn't wait to get in the front door and show her soccer-lovin Daddy!  What a sweetie.  We almost couldn't take her in those shorts and those shin guards and socks!!!  By the way, those are the *tiniest* athletic shorts known to man!!  
 Totally adorable on her.  
 We told her very little about how the morning would go because we really didn't know what this youth league would be like, but we did tell her that we just wanted her to have FUN.  I think I might have let out a squeal at the sight of her on a field however.  I was BORN to be a soccer Mom!!  Or basketball/volleyball/lacrosse/golf Mom, whatever...fill in the blank with a sport and I am on board!  Except for hockey.  Which might be a problem here in the frozen tundra of hockey-land, USA.  
 Anyway, the stretching...oh my word, she had me at the stretching!!  
 But then...
 ...they started doing JUMPING JACKS!
And somehow THIS was her version of what a jumping jack should look like.  
I don't even know, I can't explain the form, but I LOVED it  :) 
Oh my stars, is she the cutest or what??
I knew I would get allllll of our money's worth just by the time "warm-ups" were done.  
Also, the sight of her in that t-shirt = totally worth it!!!  
 Working on her skills and cracking us up!
 There was so much instruction flying her way and so many balls going in a million different directions, she was pretty overwhelmed but she tried it all.  The league is for 5-7 year olds, so she is on the youngest end of the spectrum, but she held her own and did her best, even when we could tell she didn't have a clue what they were talking about! 
Look at that form!
Travis and I were dying on the sidelines, analyzing everything, while one of us entertained Walker...
...or Carter, who was SO wanting to get on the field and play too.  

Getting their "position assignments" for the "game", which was enough to make us sweat as we sat and realized she had no idea what the words "defense/offense" meant, let alone how they translated to soccer?   
 Sweet girl, the first few minutes were rough as we watched her basically do this.  
 But as the minutes wore on the wheels in her little head were spinning and she began catching on.
 Have you ever seen a more intimidating defensive line??  Ha ha ha ha!!!  
 There was classic hair twisting...
 ...serious game faces...
...and just some good old-fashioned standing around! 
 And then it was over! 
 The whole thing was darling and painfully slow and hilarious!  
 We discovered she's a big fan of the water break and wondering where Carter was and if she could play with him, during the middle of the game!?!?!?!  Oh man, her Daddy and I are going to have to lower our expectations of "youth soccer with a 5 year old girl" and then lower them again!  ha ha!  
We are way too competitive and aggressive for our own good  :) 
 Seriously though, we loved watching her and got the biggest kick out of seeing her personality on the field.  Whether she ends up loving soccer or sports is totally up to her, we are proud of her no matter what and we will enjoy seeing her blossom in whatever she chooses to try!  
Right now, at 5, THIS smile is exactly what it's all about!  
And by the way, she LOVED playing and can't wait for the next game when she gets to do it all over again.  We have a TON of soccer in our near future with Trav's high school team beginning their season this week, but hands down this sweet girl is our favorite player to watch and her games are the highlight of our week!  

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